Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday *UPDATED*

1) John-Paul is turning nine in two weeks, and I'm not sure what to get him for a present.  He wants an iPod, but I'm not sure if he's too young.  I was thinking about a Kindle for him since he loves to read and he could get books from the library on it.  But, then again, he may be too young.  Does anyone have any good age appropriate git ideas?

2) Half marathon training is going well.  I've been following the schedule more or less.  With all the illnesses we have suffered through this winter, there have been a couple extra rest days thrown in, but I think we'll be ready.  Yesterday after work, I ran 8.1 miles and we ran 9 miles a couple of weeks ago, so we're close!  We have been so blessed to be having a warm winter to train.

3) Did you all see that Sarah had her baby girl?  Another beautiful Margaret in the Maggie is so excited!

4) I am looking forward for Lent to come because I need to instill some discipline in my eating habits.  I'm thinking of giving up sweets (as usual)...but I'm open to any suggestions on what you have found to be fruitful in the past.

5) This week, Phil has had some meetings in the evenings, and boy do I miss his helpfulness with kid duty at night.  It's so hard to leave work, pick up the baby, pick up the school kids, get home, feed the baby, make dinner for the kids, get homework, showers, pajamas done, feed the baby again, and put them all to bed alone.  How do single mothers do this day in and day out?  Or wives of husbands that work long hours?  I am so lucky.

6) So what's up with all of this Downton (which I thought was Downtown) Abbey hoopla? 

Is it really that good?  Should I invest in the DVD's of the first season?

7) Go read this post, and send an email to your representatives and to the White House to tell them you do not support the HHS Mandate.  We will not be bullied into this!!!

****It's been slightly changed!!****


  1. Yes, you should be watching Downton Abbey! It is very good, and I may just be a tad addicted to it. If you have Netflix, you can stream season 1 over the computer, and PBS is showing all the episodes from this season so far. (There was really only one scene in the first season that I found a little uncomfortable (you'll know it when you get to it), but it was brief and not addressed again.)

  2. I could not get into Downtwon Abbey. I watched several of the episodes online (for free) and after getting through a couple, I just did not feel "into it." So I stopped watching. And I love period movies, so I thought I would love this show, but I did not. For me to like a show, I have to like one of the main characters right away and I did not really like anyone in particular.

  3. I was planning on doing a review of all the electronics we got for we got both the \od touch and kindle fire here as well as the 3D ds. when i have time i will put up a post in the next few days on my thoughts. right now i am super busy tho...there are pros and cons to both of those gadgets.
    altho i think i would go with the ipod between the 2 products.

    does he like skateboards? my oldest son did at 9. what about legos? thats all my boys will play with although i hear some boys aren't into them as much. my 8 year old still likes anything star wars and 10 year old only likes sports related items or legos.

  4. Haha! I thought it was Downtown Abbey too! I didn't realize it wasn't until your post! I know a lot of my friends like it, but I don't even know what channel it is on! I don't really have a lot of time for TV anyway.

  5. legos....can never have too many.

    Or a trip to Barnes and Noble to pick out a book.

  6. I've been wondering the same thing about that show....Saw that you can watch it on the website (for free) try that before buying and then tell me if it's good!!

  7. I've never heard of that show myself.
    I don't know how single parents do it...I still don't know how full time working Moms like YOU do it!!
    And you are running a marathon, do you really hate me Colleen? ;)


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