Monday, February 13, 2012

The One Where Maggie Sings

Not only does she sing a wide variety of preschool songs, but also showcases her wide variety of  moods.  

Good thing she's cute!

Backup dancer credits go to John-Paul.

I really need to clean my office.


  1. cute. hard to hear tho maybe its just my computer.

  2. I can hear it and she sounds a looks so sweet. I love pre-school songs. In fact, I have been singing old mcdonald and twinkle twinkle little star now and I am sorta going bonkers. lots of abc's also.

  3. I LOVE this!!!! They are both very talented and comfortable performing for an audience....reminds me of a certain rap singing Mama!!!

  4. Well...that just made my evening!!! I SO enjoyed hearing the sweet voice of my favorite Bloggy Girl :) Too cute. Give Miss Maggie a hug from me and tell her I thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment.

    Admittedly, as soon as Maggie's voice came on my entire family was gathered around the computer to watch. We really need to get out of the house! lol.


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