Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 29

1) It's funny raising kids in this digital and technological age. 
Just this week, John-Paul said "I woke up late today.  I didn't beat my top score, but it was pretty close."  And Maggie said this weekend, "Mommy, can you pause the book so I can go pee?" 

2) Sometimes I wonder about my health.  Is it normal to have gotten three ear infections, two stomach bugs, and a bad coldsore so far this winter, or do I have a low immune system?

Also, follow along if you use the Marquette Model of NFP -  this past month I have been Low every day, while the two months previous, I was High the whole time.  No Peak in those three months at all.  Weird, right?

And I am super tired all the time.  Like too tired for a mom whose baby sleeps through the night.  I go to bed around 9 pm and wake up around 6 am...that's 9 hours of sleep!  I just don't know what's normal and what needs to be checked out.

3) One of my guilty pleasures is reading Hollywood trashy magazines when I work out.  It's terrible, I know, why am I interested in people who don't even know I exist?  Anyways, my point is that sometimes I see the pictures of the gorgeous movie actresses and am in awe at how thin they are.  Phil always tells me it's tricks of the camera or airbrushing or whatever.  And while my head knows he's right, my mummy-tummy thinks they really look like that.  But then over vacation, I took two pictures of Alexander in the same minute, and in one he looks way chubbier than the other.  See?

So now I am convinced that everyone in Hollywood really looks worse than the pictures show, and its all camera angles and strategic posing and helpful lighting.   Now I feel better :)

Easter 2011

I just got a coupon for 20% off at and I bought my kids 2012 Easter outfits that are all matchy-matchy.  I am so excited!  I have no idea how long I'll be able to dress my 4 boys identically and then find something girly for the Magster that complements their attire, but I'm doing it for as long as I can!!!!

Xander after eating his squash.  This 7 month old boy LOVES his veggies...every single kind we have given him.  After a month on veggies, we just started introducing fruits, and he's not as big a fan as I would have thought.  Next month it's meats and yogurt - woohoo!  But for now, I'm going to keep getting the vegetables into him for as long as I can before he changes his mind!

6)  Our friends 4th baby, Clare, got Baptized last weekend...isn't she a beauty?!?!?
Kinda makes me want to try for another girl :)

 Speaking of trying for a baby, which we are not currently, I am having the hardest time remembering how many kids I have.  I either want to say four or six.  Five is just hard to wrap my mind around.  I very much like the even numbers, because then everybody has a partner. 

 At those moments when I think I have four kids and I correct myself, I get so overwhelmed wondering how am I ever going to  raise five kids?  But then when I think I have six, and remember I only have five, I feel like we are have it so easy.  Does anyone else go through this?  (Probably not)

7) For those of you bloggers who use word verification, could you please turn it off?  I have been living in my own personal Purgatory every time I try (and try and try) to leave you comments.  I just can't seem to read the words (yes words, there are two now) right, and my comments won't go through.  
I mean really, what is that second word?

If you just set it up to approve the comment first, then you can still delete any comments you want before they appear on your blog.  

Please, my witty comments and I are begging you ;)

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I'm the same way about our number of kids! We have #5 due any day now and it's making me a little crazy! I know we'll have to even it out to six before I lose my mind. How funny is that?

  2. I love to see it when the trashy mags post horrible pictures of the celebs. It makes me feel so much better! And I agree, I look (or think I look) thinner when I am looking down a little instead of with my chin up. Your pictures of Xander prove that point!

    And I agree with the word verification. So many people have it and I'm pretty sure they don't even know they can turn it off. I mean how many of us are really at risk for getting negative comments? Not enough people read my blog for that! I always end up having to hit the little circle arrow at least twice until I can find one that I can read. So annoying!

  3. I totally agree about the word verification. How do we get others to turn it OFF!

    Enjoy getting matching outfits now..when they are 16yrs old like my more matchy matchy. I miss that.

    hope your health improves.

  4. OK, I'm a word verification person, and so maybe I can shed some light on the situation (haha)

    I use it and know I can turn it off, but I use it because otherwise I get weird computer generated virus stuff leaving comments and I hate that. I hate when I get a virus and our computer dies. I hate that there are people out there doing this for no reason other than to be mean.

    I don't like moderating comments, then I'm a slave to comments. I want to be free man, free!

    I figure this stupid 2 word thing will go away, Blogger has to know they suck, right?

    Onto other things now...

    You MUST know that these stars also have money to pay for personal trainers and cooks to make their healthy foods, right? And people who dress them and put their make up on and....well, you get that, right? You have to remember that when you see them. You are beautiful and real.

    I'm totally an even number mama. I actually think even though I'm 42 1/2 and could totally have another baby, I couldn't have 2 more probably, so, I'm thinking we won't have any more, because it would be 7---7---that's uneven. But the kiddos would remind me that I did have Gabriel, our miscarriage, so it would actually be 8--which means it's 7 now!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

    Have you had your thyroid checked? It could be something like that.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. You may want to watch your thyroid. Xander is over 6 months, right? That will cause a low temp and being tired all the time. I have had that happen after two of my kids. A friend in the health care field said it is common for it to happen around 6 months after the birth of a baby. I had it happen at 6 months with my first and then 1 yr with my third. I take vitamin supplements and watch what I eat so as not to tax my thyroid. Since the birth of my third, I have not been able to rely on my temp AT ALL due to my thyroid.

    If you have been sick too, that will totally throw your cycles off.

  6. I turned my word verification off long ago, because I HATE IT! Seriously, you can never read the words!

    Annamarie is such a good eater, even though I started with fruits. I'm way picky, so it's great to see her eat things I would never touch.

  7. I can't keep track of how many kids you have, either. You crazy Catholic breeders. It must be the blogging.

    That's my current theory, anyway.

    And go to a doctor, woman! I'm not running that halfsie alone!

  8. I have these dreams all the times where I am being quizzed by someone and they ask how many kids I have and I say 5 no wait 8, ? For the life of me in the dream I can't remember the answer. But I always thought just me was weird enough to have that. Occasionally in real life due to the dreams I go over " answers" to the questions on my dreams so I will b prepared next time in my dreams when I am asked. But again I really thought it was just me. Lol

    I am the same way with tiredness and never being able to tell through various methods of NFp what is up. But I have had my thyroid checked and I am ok. I know I have low iron which I take extra iron for. But as for the cycles I just assumed it was due to age. With age so many things are changing in
    Your body but you are still much younger than me since I am 40. But I really think my cycles went haywire around age 34 an
    And they never were as predictable again. Plus you have to understand you work full time you have 5 kids it's tough. Why wouldn't you be tired? I think you are normal.

  9. Okay, I don't even know where to start because I want to comment on it all!!

    I am totally wondering about my health these days too. I have been getting these horrible headaches that I almost can't handle. Nothing takes the edge off, and eventually, after I've miserably made it through the day, I go to bed and typically wake up feeling a bit better. So . . . you aren't pregnant? Are you sure? :)

    I love Gymboree. It's kind of an extravagance for us right now, but I love that I can find coordinating outfits for all of the girls! And the clothes last FOREVER. My Gymboree clothes have easily gone through multiple children, and look great!

    I like your thoughts on celebrities and camera angles ;)

    I agree about even number of kiddos. I was just noticing, this evening, how Kam and Taylor just pair right up and look so sweet together. It's like I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that Kam has her little "match". LOVE it!

    And Word Verification . . .do not get me started. What is with the double words?! I detest word verification.

  10. 1 & 3 - LOL
    4 - so cute! I love dressing my three boys matchy- matchy, even though when I was single I said I'd never do that.
    6- all this talk of mama bloggers pregnant with their 5th child has me shaking in my boots. We aren't trying for #5 but you never know when God will send a surprise package. ;-)

  11. This post made me laugh a lot. I have 4 kids, and now that the youngest is almost two and everyone sometimes plays together, I feel like I'm "missing" someone.

    (I'm not formally NFP trained, shh) but your symptoms sound like a low thyroid. Super tired, dry skin, cold hands, low body temp? The ridiculous fatigue and coldness always tell me if mine dips and I need a medication adjustment.

  12. I concur with everyone else - get your thyroid checked. I have the same symptoms and I had mine checked. Mine was "within normal limits" but I have some other hormonal stuff going on, plus I found out I have extremely low Vitamin D levels. It can't hurt to know.

    I agree that the new word verifications are atrocious, but I still have mine on because I get a crazy amount of computer generated spam comments - usually in another language! So annoying, but maybe I'll just do author approval instead of word verification.

    And it's funny, I have no preference about odd or even number of kids, but my mom loves odd numbers! She says all the best things in her life have happened in odd numbers/on odd days beginning with her birthday. So she says we need to have one more to go for the odd number. ;)

    And I love to read those trashy mags too, to look at all the dresses . . . but then I feel so badly about myself afterwards that I've pretty much given up on them. I am happy that I've been a good incubator for these little darlings, but I fear the tummy is ruined forever.


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