Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will Run for Cute Outfits

What do you think of this outfit for the half-marathon?

I'm not sure if I can get it delivered in the 2 weeks before the March half, but Cari, we could be twinsies in October!

Running skirt from

and I designed this shirt from


  1. I so love this skirt & shirt. I am ordering one for sure. I think you should get some kind of credit with them!!!

    If you (Cari too) get this one you have to take a picture and we can all be twinners! or is that triplets?

  2. C-U-T-E! You would totally rock the outfit.

    But, if your abs look that great in it after having five kids I'm going to be very jealous. Or make you share your secret on how to get post-baby abs like that. lol.

  3. Perfect. I love them both. However, I'm going to have to up my total number of kids, thus making any poor schlub behind me feel even worse.

    Do they have sag vehicles at the Hartford Half? If so, I'll be giving those fellows a good laugh, anyway.

    I'm putting in the order the day after the baby's born, just to keep me on track.

  4. I love running skirts . . . I do not run in anything else anymore. Love the outfit!! I would not order the skirt just yet, they have new ones coming out soon that you may like more! Runningskirts shipping is fast, so you would get the skirt before the 1/2, not sure about the shirt.

  5. Can I just wear a cute outfit like this and "pretend" I'm a runner??? Oh wait... everyone would see my legs in this skirt and then KNOW I'm not a runner. "Busted". I'll just watch you lookin cute, Colleen!

  6. I want that stomach in that picture.

    Love the clothes. Perfect for running.

  7. In case anybody comes back to read comments....

    the skirt is now on sale!

  8. Wah! I can't see the shirt image! But I can tell it's at least as cute as the skirt. Love.


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