Friday, March 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 31

1) I took Maggie and Eamon to see a play this past weekend with my sister and her kids.  It was Pinkalicious, based on this book:
I had never read the book, but the littles already knew the story, and were excited to see it.
(Eamon with his cousin and Maggie in background)

John-Paul and Andrew got grumpy about not being able to go - though I would have bet money thinking they wouldn't want to.  They just didn't want to be left out, but if they could have seen all the little girls dressed to the nines in pink frufruness, they would have felt sooooo out of place. 
All in all, it was cute, but I don't like how it portrayed "green food" as gross for 99% of the show, and then the 1% of the show (at the very end) showed she could choke it down.

2) Phil and I had a work meeting this week and even though we were in the same room, we couldn't see or talk to each other, so we flexted.  You know, flexting...flirty texting.  Do you and your spouse flext?  Does your face ever blush while reading them?
Me neither.

3) We had a family birthday party for John-Paul and his cousin Katie.  It was at the Y and lots of fun.  We had make-your-own-sundaes in lieu of cake for two gluten-free family members:

4) We are officially done with our half-marathon training.  The race is this Sunday.
It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it.

5) When we did our first half-marathon two years ago, I was in much better shape to run 13.1 miles.  I was younger, my 4th child was 2 years old, I had done tons and tons of speed and hill workouts, and I weighed ten pounds less.  Now?  Well I'm 33, I've had another baby who's only 7 months old, and I've done virtually no hills or speed work.  I did get in all of my long training runs though.  Our goal is just to run the whole thing without stopping and not focus on time (me) and not get dehydrated (Phil).  It should be 60 degrees and sunny so he is going to run with his Camelbak and hope that makes a big difference over the half two years ago.

6) We have one baby boy St. Patrick's Day outfit.  It is size 9 months.  In other words, it's not Xander sized:
 Look at how short it is!

At the ripe old age of 7 months, he is wearing size 18 month shirts and size 12 month pants.

Here's Eamon wearing the outfit 5 years ago (5 months old):

Loads of people tell me Alexander looks like Eamon.  Here's Alexander again:
 What do you think?

7) Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

Have a wonderful Irish weekend everybody :)


  1. Gosh, your boys are just so cute! And I hear you about the clothes - I saved all kinds of clothes from Mopsy for Baby thinking I'dnever have to buy a thing. Well, the joke's on me because Baby will never fit into the clothes I saved! I had to buy her a new St. Patrick's Day outfit too.

    Good luck on your race - I know you'll do well. You are such a motivated mama! :)

  2. What cute boys! I love it.

    Good luck on your half-marathon. I was going to do it this year, but my SIL is getting married the same day as the one in town!

    Maybe next year if I'm not pregnant.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Lol @ flexting! Love it!

  4. I can't comment. I'm too busy cracking up at the expressions in the last two pictures.

  5. Umm yeah we flex here. It's all about keeping the courtship going IMO. Yes I blush too. A few times I sent him some while he was in confession not knowing he was. I bet that was Awkward. Lol.

    I am only admitting this since you asked tho.

    We have some outfits here too but since I am a disorganized person I have no idea where they are. I meant to look before st Patrick's but too late probably now.

    I don't usually comment on your running since I can't run. I am a slug and can't run at all without my side hurting. But you go girl.

    Pinkalicious we haven't gotten into that. I usually don't trust any modern popular stories. The picture on the front looks cute tho.

  6. Oh! That Saint Paddy's day suit is soooo cute! How did you keep it so nice for so many years. One wearing and it would be stained at this house.

  7. i hope the race goes well! i cannot imagine doing that right now. you are a warrior!

  8. Good luck this weekend! Have fun! We flextime here too!

  9. Love your friday updates....I think all your kids look like each other. :)
    Best of luck on your run this Sunday, remember it is better to finish standing Upright and not injured. Bee safe!!

  10. Might have to flext my hubby when we are doing that is in bed with us now, and between pumping and feeding in the night, I get about 5 hours sleep and, well...ummmm nothing romantic is happenin'--my poor hubby.

    TMI I know.

    Pinkalicious---I ordered the books from Scholastic and thought they would be great, they look sweet, don't they? I though the same thing you did and she, if I remember, is very mean to her brother and snotty to her mama....I use the books for collages now, let them cut them up!!! Not worth the read. I'm sure the play was much better though....

    Love the little St Paddy boys, they look exactly the same!! I have to find some green....

    You rock mama on the running!!!!
    Super job!! I'll say a prayer for you--I'm sure you will do super!!

  11. Way to go on running a half-marathon! That's an awesome accomplishment, not to be undermined by what you've done previous years. My husband and I have fun flexting-we don't do it when we're in the same room, though. The photo of your son in his St. Patrick's outfit is super-cute! Well, we know he's not going to be short enough to be a leprechaun.

  12. Oh how cute!! Flexting... love it! I would so flext if we had texting on our phone! lol Good luck with the race this weekend! :)

  13. Oh, those boys DO look so much alike! Cuties!

    And 'flexting' is one of my very favorite things to do :) Blushing is mandatory!

    Good luck on your run! I bet you'll do amazing -- your body will remember :)

  14. Finally sittig down and catching up...

    I can TOTALLY see you and Phil flexting through a meeting!! You two are so cute :)

    BTW, randomly, I had a dream with your family in it this past week. I came to visit you and you all were even cuter in person. Boy, was I disappointed when I woke up...hopefully some day my dream will be a reality.

    I can totally see Maggie loving all the frufru-ness at Pinkalicious. I have a couple great-nieces that love all of those books. I suppose with my two little girls those books may be in my near future.

    Good luck in your half marathon!! I fully expect a post (or two) all about it and photos! I'll be thinking of you and pray that you all survive to cross the finish line. You go, girl!


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