Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Volume 32

1) I forgot to write about something funny that happened at the half-marathon.  We were close to the finish line, and this woman was sitting on the sidelines, cheering for everyone.  Phil was running about two steps ahead of me, and as she cheered us on, he yelled "Thank you!" and she yelled, "You are welcome!" as she eyed him from top to bottom with a big smile.  I came up from behind and said "Yeah, he's hot, right?" and she goes "Sure is!" and I said "Oh yeah, baby, that's my hubby!" and I pretended to smack his bottom. 

2) Alexander is scheduled for ear tube surgery (I hate to even call it surgery because it is so minor) on April 30th.  We're hoping he doesn't get a 5th ear infection before then :)

3) Today I am taking a personal day from work to stay home with the kiddos because the elementary schools are having a professional day for teachers.  Phil is actually speaking to them about Teaching Bioethics...should be interesting to see how his day goes.  As for us, we are going to play outside as much as possible!!

4) We are on Day 3 of the 17 Day Diet, and I am tracking it on one of my blog pages, if anyone is interested.  Just trying to hold myself accountable because I am no good at sticking to diets, and this one is pretty restrictive.

5) Some funny race pictures:
I'm here
Phil's here
This time we really noticed the cameras and were smiling for them.  Which only proves we weren't running very focused.   Oh well!

Xander is already a ladies' man.  Meet Ava, his little buddy :)

7) In always being the last to jump on the bandwagon...we are thinking of reading The Hunger Games books after a good friend gave them a good review.  Has anyone else read them?  What did you think?

Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. I couldn't see the pictures. It took me to Capstone Photography's page but there was no image.

    I haven't read the Hunger Games but then again, I'm not the best person to ask. I haven't even read the Twilight series!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your day off!

  2. Could not see your pics from the race. Good luck with the 17 day diet! So many people here have had great success with it!

  3. My nephew just had tubes put in his ears, and he's like a new little baby — so happy now!

    P.S. Looooove the name Alexander with Xander as the nickname. I always dreamed that would be my oldest son's name, and once I became pregnant, my husband finally told me he hated it. Oh well. Your Xander is darling!

  4. I read each of the Hunger Games books in a single day--I literally could not put them down. I served lunch, loaded dishes, etc. with the book open. :)

    And that picture of the babies? A-DORABLE.

  5. Loved the Hunger Games! It will be awhile before we can catch the movie, so that bums me out. They are quick reads. You can tell they were written for young adults but have some great themes that really make you think!

  6. Hunger games are great books! Fast reads. Enjoy them! I'm hoping to see the movie if I can wrangle Jonah there :)

  7. Still laughing at #1! That's a hoot!

    Xander, Xander, don't let a cute girl with lots of hair (how cute is she, BTW!!!) lure you so early. Cute girls with great hair come and go. lol.

    Keep enjoying the nice weather. We plan to this weekend, just hoping no one else gets the cold that daddy had. Trying to kick mine today so we can enjoy outdoor time!!

  8. Every time I come here and see that baby in that rocking chair I smile. So much happy happy joy joy.

    Praying all goes well for your husband today!

    Enjoy the outdoors. I am scared to go out since my baby just got a icky deer tick removed. That thing was half way in her head..ugh ugh ugh.

    happy weekend!

    my son (second son) read the book and he didn't like the violence in it. Stealing the book from my older son soon to see what all the hubbub is about.

  9. The Hunger Games. Do it. We even went to the midnight show last night like a couple of teenagers.

    Through the course of the three books they turn into so much social commentary. There is just so much to be said about the books. Absolutely read them. Plus then when your kids are old enough to read them you can have wonderful discussion. I would definitely recommend you wait until they're in the 12-13 range but even still, better to be prepared.

    There is also a lot of religious parallels to be drawn with sacrifice and love.

  10. Funny pic of the babies. My husband has a few pics like that of him as a baby adoring on girls. We Always laugh at them and joke.

    I can so see you doing that to your hubby. I would have just got mad at that lady for looking at my guy lol. I would have smacked her not my husband. Lol

  11. Still laughing about number 1 too!!

    couldn't see the pictures either.

    Will pray for sweet Xander for his tubes....poor baby. Hope that helps stop those darn ear infections!

    Love the picture of him with Ava, sooo cute!

  12. typing left-handed: but have to plug hunger games - AMAZING!!!!

  13. Um YES! I read all three of the books in a weekend. I could not put them down! Do it! I LOVED them, and am seriously wanting to go see the movie, but Jeremy's been sick. I'm thinking if he doesn't get better soon, I'm going without him. I can't wait much longer! LOL!

  14. Poor little Alexander...I hope this procedure makes him all better. {Notice, I did not say surgery??}
    Love the photo of the two little lovebirds! So cute!

  15. Poor little Alexander...I hope this procedure makes him all better. {Notice, I did not say surgery??}
    Love the photo of the two little lovebirds! So cute!

  16. Hi Colleen,

    Did you run the Half of Quincy 1/2 Marathon?!? I did too! Way to go!

    Your little guy is too cute:)


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