Monday, March 5, 2012

Talk to Me

So Phil and I have really really old phones.  Like, really ancient:  

We use T-Mobile and have a pretty cheap rate (unlimited talk and text for about $90 per month combined).  

But our contract is up in April and we have been counting down the months in order to get smart phones.  We could get an Android and stay with the T-Mobile plan, which would be cheaper, but we really want iPhones to go with our iPods and our iMac.  We have morphed into Apple people through the years :)

So what I'm wondering is IF you have an iPhone, what plan do you use?  We have heard that Verizon is best in this area.  

And if you don't have an iPhone, what kind of smart phone would you recommend, and what plan do you use?

And advice is appreciated before we commit to the next deal with the devil contract...thanks!


  1. I have an Android through Verizon.

    We only have an ipod & shuffle. I find using the shuffle cumbersome b/c we don't have all apple products or I'm just too dense. I find my Android system easier to work with than the ipod (just minus phone capapbilities?).

    You would probably find anything but an Apple product as cumbersome as I do Apple. Make sense?

    I've heard once you have Apple products you'll never want anything but.

    Once our computers go we hope to move towards that direction. We'll just have to see how much money house renovations bleed us dry. :)

  2. We've become Apple people through the years as well, and we just got iPhones for our birthday in January. Rob didn't think he would really like the iPhone as much as he does, but he loves it and he uses it all the time for work. Our contract is through AT&T, but that is only because that was the big provider available in our area way back when we first got cell phones. We stayed with them just to keep it simple and we have never had any problem with our coverage. My in-laws have iPhones with Verizon up in NY and they love it.

  3. we've always had verizon. most people i know verizon as well. my husband has some of the newer phones that do 1000 things from his work but in all honesty some of them are all hype. if you don't need a phone that does 1000 things then don't pay for what you don't need.

  4. We have been selling our souls, ahem, I mean paychecks, to Verizon for so many years we have a grandfathered plan to serve our cheapskate tendencies. HOWEVER!

    The times are a-changin' and we are trying to, also. There are some pretty great monthly plans with smart phones that do NOT require contract, and end up with unlimited data and 300 talk-minutes. The one we have researched is through Virgin, and when our contract is up in a few months we will purchase a smart phone for me through one of these. We'll then transfer my current number to a Google Voice (data) that I will be able to use unlimited anytime I have data connection (since they use verizon towers all the reports seem to be positive in this area.) Otherwise I will have the number through them for about 300 minutes a month. The downside is that ALL of my family has verizon. So I still feel stuck sometimes.

    Savings? about $30/month in SAVINGS! Good luck :)

  5. We both have iPhones. Jonah has the 4s and I have the regular 4. Our service is through Verizon. They have great service around here and if you both get a verizon plan its free talking to each other. The only problem we had with the phone service was in NB something with ships coming in and their radios. It would shut off our service but there was nothing Verizon could do about it and actually only a few of the workers actually admitted it was a problem. But now that we've moved never had an issue again :)

    The iPhone is cool b/c with the cloud service everything you do on your iPhone links up to your mac or iPad. Very neat!! So all the pictures I take on my phone automatically/instantly go on my computer.

    The smartphone plan is an extra $30 on top of your minute plan and as I found out does not include texting.

  6. We've had Verizon since they were Verizon.
    I had an android and I really liked it...after a year and a half, my texting died. :(
    We are an Iphone family now...I just got the 4s and I really love it...along with my imac and Ipad and apple TV. Steve Jobs was Da' man! :)
    {but it is ALL very expensive..yikes}


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