Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

1) This has been an unusual work week.  In a good way.  
It started off on Monday with a day off, granted by our Bishop, which is a customary annual tradition.  It's never the same day in the calendar though, and having it fall on Easter Monday was very nice!

2) Tuesday was a normal work day for me, and a professional day for Phil.  Which meant there was breakfast and lunch provided at the school (who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?) and which also meant that we ate lots of food starting on Easter and it hasn't stopped since.  Those 7 pounds I lost on The 17 Day Diet?  Gained them all back.  Shucks.

3) Wednesday and Thursday were spent at the NCEA Convention in Boston.  Phil and I got to ride the train together (sans kids), go out to lunch (sans kids) and hang out all day (sans kids).  It was very adult-like and nice and rare.

4) While we were there, we got to see the Guinness Book of World Records chocolate bar.  Don't you love what they wrote on the bottom of the keepsake photo?
 "The big idea is eating right and staying fit"...ummmm, you're selling chocolate!!

 On the train I spilled yogurt all over my pants.  So that's where eating healthy will get ya!

5)We FINALLY got new phones.  We shopped and compared and asked advice and weighed the pros and cons of all the plans and all the phones in all the world.  At least that's what it felt like.  And we decided on these babies:
Samsung Galaxy S II 4G

6) And now we are busy downloading apps like:

Well, that last one is for the kids.  Not for me.  Not often, anyway.

7) Today we are taking the day off from work to bring Alexander up to see a Neurologist in Boston to talk about the spot on his head and make sure there are no issues/diseases associated with it.  

This is the worst case scenario.  If you're sending up prayers anytime soon, we would appreciate one!  Thanks!

Next week is April Vacation week which means we'll be having fun family time together!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. I'll be praying for sweet Xander.

    YOU HAVE DRAW SOMETHING? Find me! I love that game. I foresee a lot of time spent on it while nursing this baby. yes. I can nurse no-handed. I'm rad like that. Email me and we'll start up a game.

    Also, can you download Instagram on that phone? if so, do that immediately and find me there too.

    What? I totally work sometimes, too. Sometimes.

  2. What a week! The chocolate bar alone would've made my week. And the new phones :)
    Prayers for Alexander. Keep us posted!

    Have an awesome family week! I expect photos.

  3. Glad you two got away!

    I'll pray for Xander--it looks to me like one of those birthmarks that go away within a few years?

  4. Those new phones look like fun~!
    Praying and hoping your little one is going to be ok!

  5. I know all about those birth mark diseases and worse case scenarios since our Patrick did have one also in the middle of his forehead as well. It faded a little but is still there to some degree. I was scared about in his first year but everything turned out ok. It's still kinda there at age 6 but not as noticeable. His was also just about as prominent as your sons when he was a baby.

    Sounds like you had a good week overall.

  6. Will definitely be praying for Alexander.

    I have the Samsung Epic Galaxy II something or other. And I LOVE it!!! I am sure you will love yours as well. And if you are looking for someone to beat in Words With Friends, let me know. I, apparently, am not as smart as I thought I was!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Prayers up for your sweet boy. Be sure to give us an update!

  8. Your trip sans kids sounds very nice! Well, except for the yogurt pants.
    Prayers for the little man!


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