Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Days 1 and 2: From Boston to PA

On Friday, we took Alexander to see a neurologist at Children's Hospital in Boston.  His pediatrician was concerned about the size of the spot on his forehead and knew it was possibly linked to a seizure disorder.  We took the whole family up to the appointment and got lots of stares and questions about the size of our family (Are these all yours? How many kids do you have? Are you done?), to which I outwardly smiled politely and inwardly cringed at their rudeness.  

Anyway, after watching Xander play and move around, the doctor determined he did NOT think it was necessary to do an MRI (which would have meant sedating my little baby) and they just want to check up on him again in six months.  That's doctor speak for covering their behinds.  And parent speak for a happy, healthy baby.  Yippee!

We decided to start our April vacation a little earlier than planned and head to Pennsylvania to stay overnight with Phil's brother, his wife, and their six children.  Including the newest arrival, Finn:
He was so so so little and fresh and awesome.  As opposed to huge and stinky and awesome:

My kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and once they finally crashed around 9 pm or so, we enjoyed having some time to relax with Bob and Ris.

Cousins at play:

Then it was time to leave and drive to MD to see Nana and Gramps...


  1. I'm so glad to hear Xander's good news! I'm also crossing my legs and willing myself to not to go into labor for the next 30 hours.

  2. oh. GREAT news!!!!! So happy to read.

    Love all your pics!

    And love the 'politely smiled inwardly cringed at their rudeness'

    Amen. Srsly.

  3. Yay, so happy Zander is ok and they don't have to do that MRI!

    That sweet baby looks like his older brother!

    YOUR sweet baby is just a honey!!

  4. Glad to hear all is great for Xander...he's getting so big!

  5. Great news about Xander . . . although from all his beautiful pictures and the stories of his healthy growth I had a sneaking suspicion he would pass with flying colors!

    Have a fun trip . . . :)

  6. glad to hear your little guy is okay. you must be so relieved!

  7. What cute kiddos! I'd been thinking about you today and all the fun your family must be having on April break-glad you posted!
    Great news, Xander! So glad to hear all is well.

  8. Hooray! The east coast is so beautiful in the spring. What a great time to be there!

  9. So glad to hear he is ok!

  10. I'm so happy Xander got the all-clear to be adorable and worry-free :) And I'm still sad we missed you guys. I was really looking forward to converting you to my crazy eating ways!!


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