Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last Vacation Day: From MD to the Clan!

We left Maryland early Thursday morning and started the looooong drive back home.  But we had a planned detour to Cari's house in Connecticut.  We didn't tell the kids until we were about an hour away from the Donaldson's house and they went nuts when they found out.  They had such a good time with these kids back in September, and had been "pen-palling" (when their moms actually mailed the letters) since.

We pulled out matching van beside theirs.  Notice the Rosaries hanging from the rear view mirrors.  What else would you expect from a monster sized van that only a big Catholic family would need to fit their multitudes of offspring?

The Donaldson's sticker family
(They need to add a new one soon!):

The Martin's sticker family 
(Phil is throwing a frisbee, not stabbing me with a knife):

Cari had bought kites for all the kids to play with...so nice!

(That's just a naked baby doll)

Here's a naked baby:

But the most fun of all was hiding in the tarp and popping out when someone opened the "present". 
 As Cari said, "Who needs toys when you have a dirty tarp and some ropes?"

And of course, my kids were fascinated by the chickens since their mean mom and dad won't let them get a pet for a while:

City Boy:

Country Girl:

And man, how I hope one day they end up together. 
 A mom can dream....

 How cute is John-Luke?

Almost as cute as his 9 months pregnant momma!

Gabriel's outfit stole my heart.  
The Batman pajama shirt, the jean shorts, and the cowboy boots.  
Of course.

All 10 kids posed on the wall before we left:

Maggie just loves Joaquin:

And yet another naked Donaldson...


It was awesome spending time with another crazy Catholic family.  Especially one with children who have excellent manners.  My kids could learn a thing or two.   Thanks for having us Cari!


  1. Looks like you all had a fun, safe trip -- what a nice time for your family!

    And dang it, I should have just driven to Philly to meet you guys. I guess we are destined to be friends from afar. :)

  2. lol ok that made me laugh naked dolls half naked kids...sounds a lot like my family.

  3. What an awesome day! I'm super jealous that you guys got to all play together, but not enough to make me not happy for you :) Well, except for your hubby stabbing you in the head. That's not very charitable of him....

  4. Oh my gosh, you took so many more/better pictures than I did! I'm going to steal all of these! Except preggo me. I've got enough heart warming memories- I don't need photographic proof.

    Can't wait to see you guys again!

  5. so cute! That looks like so much fun!

  6. I love these posts from your week!! These are my favorite since seeing the collaborating between your two children is awesome!!! And the fact that hers never wear clothes is awesomer :)

  7. It really does look like a knife!
    Thanks for introducing me to Cari...I went to check out her blog and sat and read for a long time. She is so so funny!
    you are a lucky lady to have a friend like that.


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