Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1) Last night, I used my free hour productively.  I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the downstairs and organized my pantry.   


Still packed but a little more organized by stages and groups.  Ahhhh - that makes me feel better! 

2) For lunch today I will be attending a Mothers Day Tea with the preschool class.  I was invited by a very important and handsome little man:

Eamon has been counting down the days for three weeks leading up to this morning.  It is a around here!!  I'm so excited to see what they have planned.

3) Speaking of Mother's Day, we will be driving to the Cape to eat my favorite breakfast:

 (apple walnut french toast) 
from the restaurant I know that makes it best.

  Then we will go to Trader Joe's for some specialty groceries that only Trader Joe's has:

and finally to a little soft-serve ice cream place that I frequently visited while growing up.  We might even swing by my childhood home to show the kids.

It just might be the best Mother's Day ever!

4) I told Phil not to buy me flowers because I had a coupon to buy flowers online.  So I ordered myself a pretty potted rose plant, like the one I got last year that we planted outside and it really blossomed beautifully:

Then I felt weird about buying myself a plant for Mother's Day, so I had the card signed "Love your wonderful children!"  Is that strange or what?

5) Did you see Time's controversial magazine cover?  

Read Kate's article all about it, and how she dodged that bullet.  
Great idea, Time.  Make us all feel like we're not "Mom enough" right before Mother's Day.  Grrrrrr.

6) I discovered something while watching Xander play.  Every time he hears music, he kicks his little foot to the beat:
Isn't that so sweet?  Gosh I love this baby so much!

7) And last but not least, I just want to give a shout-out to my mom for being the best mutha and grandmutha eva (she has a Boston accent).  I love you Mum!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and to all you moms out there - enjoy your day!!


  1. Well done with your free time!! Doesn't it feel good (and productive) to get a few things like that off your mind? These days I'm amazed what I can do with just a little bit of uninterrupted time.
    That sounds like an awesome Mother's Day and I bet little Eamon will make the Tea very special. Have fun!
    Yes, the Time magazine, honestly, a bit much. Again I say, there goes my Mom of the Year award since I don't nurse nearly that long. ha!

    Have a great weekend, enjoy your time with your mom and I bet your kiddos will spoil you bunches :)

    1. Happy Mom's Day to you too! And yes, it felt good to relax after knowing I was I earned it!

  2. Great list! My reaction was a few ooh and ahhhs, one "how cute!" and "no it's not strange", and a great big EEW! Have a great Mother's Day!

  3. Why have I NEVER seen cookie butter!?!?!? If they don't carry it in my TJ's store, I will totally be calling upper management lol.

  4. That time magazine article is creepy. It's just photographed in an almost sexual way to me. I could "maybe" accept a 3 year old bf but not in the way pictured. It almost looks like child porn to me. Just saying... This coming from someone who bf until 20-24 months usually. It's common in other countries for sure to bf until 4 but I highly doubt a Muslim woman in say Arabia would take her picture like that. And yes I did think it was very odd that they picked mothers day week to put this out. I immediately thought mom enough ??? What the ?? Too weird.

    My youngest Son had a tea too yesterday.

    1. I know, it's so sensationalized that I wouldn't want my boys to see that cover photo. Now if a woman was just breastfeeding her child in public in a more discreet way, I have no problem with my boys seeing that. I'm still not sold on extended breastfeeding when we live in America with plenty of other food choices for our children. But to each her own, I guess!

  5. LOVE Cookie Butter!! I eat it right out of the jar!

  6. Is that Time magazine for real? seriously?
    Totally freaky. What is wrong with people.

    I am still nursing my toddler and she is showing no sign of giving it up.

    That will probably be me...just standing there unaware and Ava grabs me and SNAP..that is me on the front cover of Time!

  7. That last picture?? LOVE IT! So so sweet. So. I'm all about extended breastfeeding {if it's working for the mama and the baby}, but I just did not like that cover at all. You hit the nail on the head: way to make all moms feel bad! It's always a competition, isn't it? Working Moms vs. Stay at home Moms, Breastfeeding Moms vs. Bottlefeeding Moms, Cloth Diapering vs. Disposables. UGH! How about this, we do what's best for our families, and that's what makes us amazing moms. Just done with the competition.


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