Monday, May 14, 2012

A Day for Mothers

I remember when I was a kid, asking my mom "How come there's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, but no Kid's Day?"  To which she replied: "Every day is Kid's Day"  Oh how right she was!  My children have never asked me that, which only proves that they are better people than I.  As if I didn't already realize that.  Anyhoo, Mother's Day Weekend was awesome.

On Friday, I went to  Mother's Day tea with Eamon's preschool class:

My sister, Holly was also there because her son, Tommy, is in the same class:

There was dancing and singing (the kids) and crying (the moms) as we watched how big our babies have gotten. Next year is Kindergarten already!  If you are  interested (Nana?) you can watch the show here.

And of course, there was tea.  And of course, Eamon had to make me my cup of tea.  And to do that he took the tea bag out of the wrapper, then opened the tea bag and poured the tea leaves into my cup.  Of course.  Let's just say the tea was a bit more fiberful than usual ;)


On Saturday I got a beautiful rose plant delivered that I ordered online my kids gave me:

And two hanging fuchsia plants from my handsome hubs:
 Now our porch looks loverly!


Sunday morning, I awoke to find:

 Mmmm, donuts:

Then we went for a mile walk/bike/stroll to the park:

We got home, showered, picked up my parents, and headed to Cape Cod:

Me and my apple walnut french toast.  Oh, and 2/5 of my offspring:

My childhood home (built by my Dad):

We got ice cream, and then enjoyed a peaceful yet somewhat trafficy ride home.  I guess everyone wanted to visit the Cape on this beautiful day!

We dropped my parents off at their house (also built by my Dad) and went home to lay around and read and relax.  It was such a nice day!

I just want to take a moment to say Happy 46th Anniversary to my Mum and Dad today!  
You two have been a wonderful witness of a happy, faithful Catholic marriage to your six children and twenty grandchildren and I thank you!


  1. why are you showing me donuts...? I am so deprived of sugar right now. I could eat all of them at once.

    cute cards from the kids.

    my grandfather also built the home my mom now lives in. happy anniversary to your parents.

  2. Looks like a great weekend. That is so cool that your son is in class with his cousin! Yesterday was my parent's anniversary too. It would have been 51 years.

  3. Well, it looks wonderful!! {My dad built all of our houses growing up too!}. My day was a little . . . tougher than usual. And yes, every day is kid's day! :)

  4. Love the picture of all your little blessings around you. SO much love how can you handle it!

    I love porches!

    Yours looks like a perfect place to hang.

  5. What an awesome Mother's Day weekend....the tea with Eamon (how cute is he??!!), the beautiful plants, the cute cards, the donuts (hello, yummmyy!), time with your mom, Cape Cod....Wow! So beautiful.

    You know, my kids have asked the same thing about Kids Day. I think those were on the Mother's Days when we did what I wanted. Since then, hubby puts the kabosh on that kind of talk on Mother's Day. And I try to pick things to do that they will also enjoy :)

  6. what a nice mother's day!

    i love your porch - it's so pretty!

  7. How sweet is your family?? VERY.
    Hey, I used to ask my parents that same question...and like your good kids, mine never ask this. XOXO

  8. What a wonderful mother's day weekend you had! I loved the thumb sucking picture!


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