Friday, July 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Quips and Quotes

The kids say: "We love it when it's too hot for you to cook, Mom!"

Phil says: "Future majorette"

After seeing the Spiderman movie, I say "Who knew how emotional that was going to be?"

After discussing why some parents don't live in the same house as their children, Andrew points out that some parents love their children more than they love each other. Trying to make a serious conversation a little lighter, I say "Aren't you glad Mom & Dad love each other so much?  Sometimes Daddy loves me so much that he won't stop kissing me, and I have to tell him to knock it off".  Andrew replies "I've never heard you tell him to stop!"

Maggie says "Your hands look like a grandma"

Continuing her obsession with veins (yet not knowing what exactly to call them), Maggie sees John-Paul in the shower and says "I can see your brains all over your body!"

After enduring a few grumpy days from yours truly, Phil says "I just baked your monthly prescription.  Doctors orders."

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. husband award!

  2. #5 I hope my hands look that good when I'm a grandma! Actually... wouldn't hurt if they looked that good now!

    #6 ...oh Maggie!

    #7 Way to go Phil. Actually, I'm feeling a little cranky too, could you give him the message?

  3. Aww, love it! I don't tell Jeremy to knock it off either ;)

  4. *Dying laughing* I love the Martin-isms.

    #1- When it's too hot for me to cook or I've got not appetite, my kids get cereal. I bet they would much rather live in your household and get to go out.

    #5- Too funny, Maggie. But hey, I think those are pretty awesome looking hands. My kids seem to have a weird obsession with the veins in my hands. It's funny because I had the same thing with my mom's veiny hands as a child.

    #7- Ha! Although, I cannot believe that YOU are ever grumpy...pshaw!! Now, please pass the cookies. I think my doctor (and husband) may be ordering them for me in the next few days.

  5. #7: you are planning to share, right?

  6. #4 is the best. Hands. Down. So funny!

    And dang, I wish someone would bake me a prescription sometime - you'll just have to kiss that hubby . . . again. ;-)

  7. LOL at Maggie and the 'brains'! Your kids are so cute and funny. I hope they never 'knock it off'!


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