Thursday, July 19, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes!

A year ago today, I went into false labor and got sent home from the hospital and had to wait for another whole week for the real deal. 

This is what I looked like:

So whenever I start complaining about weight again, just direct me to that picture and I'll ferme ma bouche (that's a little french're welcome).


  1. Oh la la!
    (that's french for "Wow!")

  2. Ahhhh...a year is so long and yet so short. Can't believe your Xander will turn one next week!

  3. And i am sure it has been a wonderful year! And thank you for making me laugh! I used that french phrase all through highschool!

  4. That's me for four weeks to go...and no false or real labor in site! :) Hope your summer is going well.

  5. A year, already! How is that possible? Noticed your run tally at the top, wow, you're quick! I need to work on my speed :)

  6. Yeah, you were looking quite 'cooked' there! Isn't it amazing what our bodies can do? Get that big, make a HUMAN and go back to looking normal again???


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