Friday, August 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Since our awesome babysitter will be leaving for Steubenville in the fall, we are trying to go on a couple extra dates before she leaves.  We went to Providence, RI to an amazing but fancy restaurant.  

Why we decided to take pictures in the ghetto section of the city, I'll never know.

But look at my dessert!  It was so yummy:

2) The reason we went to a fancy restaurant that made us feel slightly uncomfortable but had excellent cuisine was because we were celebrating Phil finishing all of his grad classes for his Masters in Administration.  He wants you to know that he still has a one year internship to complete, but his classes are done, and that's what I'm focusing on!  An undergraduate degree in Theology + 15 graduate credits in Education + Masters degree in Theology + Masters degree in Administration = a doctor, right?  Sweet, because I've always wanted to call him Dr. Phil.

3) Alexander is really walking.  Once the ratio of walking to crawling is about 60/40 I declare them walkers.  Before then they are just "learning".  So because he is officially a walker now, I put sneakers on him for the first time to go to the playground.  He has been in bare feet, socks, or Robeez (just to keep the socks on) since birth.  He did pretty well in his new-for-him-but-handed-down kicks.

 John-Paul does have a nice new pair of sneakers but he's saving them for fourth grade (gym days only, since he's in a uniform and dress shoes every other day) because they are just so cool.

4) Since Phil and I are always in touch with the latest trends, we are watching this comedian on Netflix.  So what that everybody else has probably already heard of him, I feel like we discovered him.  Because well, we just discovered him.  

Interesting side note A: my mom claims she discovered Josh Groban.  You know, after he was on Oprah and had a CD out. 

Interesting side note B: I claim to have discovered Kristen Wiig.  I loved her skits on SNL and would always talk about how she was the funniest female ever (Tina Fey, Cheri Oteri, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler are close behind) and nobody knew who she was.  Then she did Bridesmaids and voila, she's a star.  But I knew her back when.  (When she was only on a famous tv show called SNL).  

I am so much like my mother!!!

5) Guess who I am going to hear speak in a few weeks? 
I am excited to see her, but I also dropped out of the Women of Grace program at our church because I didn't read the book and sometimes wanted to sit on the couch in my pajamas instead of being social.  Pathetic.

6) Last night I had such a vivid dream that I was pregnant and then had a miscarriage.  I actually felt it all so real that when I woke up I had to look down at the sheets to see if I was bleeding.  Then I remembered that I'm not even pregnant.  Oh my goodness it was so sad and scary, and I wonder what that dream means? 

7) Our house.  Oy.  We have switched Realtors and are getting an estimate for someone to come paint the trim and shutters outside before we lower the price and try to sell this thing more aggressively.  What a hassle, I hope it sells quick so we don't have to show it too many times.  (Lisa and Katie Rose, I feel your pain!)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. You should come visit us when the trim is being painted. You know, to keep the kids out from underfoot.
    You can even wear your pajamas and sit on my couch.

  2. Eeeek, I am going to the Women of Grace info session on Tuesday and had no clue it was a 'real' program lol... I just thought it was something an area church thought up. I just got even more excited! I desperately need real life girlfriends, so here's to hoping there are people my age :)!

    Congrats on the walker! He looks so tiny to be in real shoes!

  3. I think Women of Grace is coming to my parish early next year too. I have the book, but never read it. Congrats to your husband. That's awesome.

  4. you look so nice on your date! i feel special that you linked my blog here :). We had to cut the price of our home $17k and now it is under contract! It makes me sick and excited at the same time. We will be so broke when this is all said and done, but hopefully it will all be worth it if we can get a great deal on the next home.

  5. You know I'm so so so hearing you on the home thing. Shaun buys this home from FAMILY 7 years ago... thinks he'll live alone for the rest of his life, so guts it completely and rebuilds it totally "hi-end" and beautiful... then when it's done, we meet, quickly get married, 9mo later have baby, then get preggo right away with new baby... time to sell house.

    After he put 80,000 worth of work in, we'll be lucky if he sells it at the price he bought it. GRrrrrr...

    You look fab as usual

    Phil's amazing... Though not as amazing as Shaun (sorry, had to say that ;)

    I'm waiting to see your kids so they can rub in how Xander's walking and Ava can't yet, ha! They're SO competitive

    And YOU sometimes want to sit on your couch with your loving husband instead of go out at night to hang out with a bunch of ladies you're not really interested in being really "friends" with... YOU??? Colleen Martin??? NEVER!!! ;)

  6. It's been awhile since I've been in blog world....great header picture!

    AS far as dicovering people... I don't know who the SNL woman is, I'll check to see who the comedian is, I'm a Grobanite (covered there) and I def know who Johnette is. I guess I'm maybe 50/50, we'll see when I check out the comedian.

    All bets off, I too am my Mother since today I awoke at 4:20 AM and can't get back to sleep. How does this happen?

    WOW Xander, you got so big!

    Congrats to Dr. Phil....I am guessing this also makes him a theologian? WOW!

    You look fab!


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