Thursday, August 2, 2012

They Must Read My Blog...

...because they finally covered up!  And for awhile I thought I had jinxed them because while fully clothed, they lost their first Olympic set ever.

But then they came back to win the game. 

Phew, that would have been embarrassing. 

I was not ready to admit that bikinis hold some magical power ;)


  1. Well it's because it's so cold in London. If it is colder than 60 degrees F the players can cover up. The bikinis can and will return. Though I feel even a tankini would be a better choice.

  2. I felt the same way! I really think the too-small bikinis are totally unnecessary. The men's volleyball team seems to do fine without them. ;)

  3. I thought they must have read it too!!! How funny.

  4. Even if I could rock and bikini and thought they were appropriate, I do nto get wanting to wear it for beach volleyball, a sport where you have to dive to get the ball, etc. I wonder if there are many "oops moments" where too much is revealed? Unless the bikini is glued in place??

  5. Ha! I commented out loud (my kids were watching too), "They forgot to put their clothes on!" Then the very next match--or something like that--they were completely covered! Better taste, ladies. :)


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