Friday, August 17, 2012

Jamestown and a Date

On Wednesday, we went to Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption, and then headed out to Jamestown.

My handsome Alexander, ready to roll.

Dad and his girl
Mom and her boys

The basket weaver

 A log boat

Old timey games

I was in charge of strolling-until-he-sleeps

This guy taught us about weapons that sailors used.

Checking out the ships

Lunch break.
We brought our own food everywhere and saved a lot of moolah.
Maggie looks ready for battle, if only she could actually look. 
Watching someone make something.  I couldn't keep up.  Judging from the boys interest  level, it must be a knife or sword.

More old timey games

The church

A spiky ball (I don't actually know what it was, that's just what Andrew called it)

Phil said Andrew should grow his hair out like this dude.
I loved this image of a fur trader's dealings, look how much money he made!  He earned a 650% profit on a deal like this one!!!

Goodies from the gift store
  Later that night, Phil and I went out on a date while Nana and Gramps watched the kids.
TMI? (Too Much Imagery?)

 We went to a delicious Mexican restaurant, and I had to take a picture of this waiter making the world's fastest guacamole.  Not for us, for the table next to us.  I'm allergic to avocados (cue violin):

Then Phil let me shop at The Loft while he flirted talked to a stranger about the Laura Ingraham's book he was reading, and they commiserated about how the world was going to hell in a hand basket.

It was another great day of vacation!


    Date night..sounds so romantic. I need one soon.

    Looks like a fun little trip.
    I love all the history on the east coast.
    All we have in my small town is Charles Lindbergh.(sp)

  2. My boys love Jamestown . . . .especially when someone is shooting a gun!

    Date night looks fun! I am so sad for you! Avocado and fresh guacamole are my favorite!!

  3. Looks like another great day! And I think your phone is taking some pretty darn good pictures!

    The spike-y ball is the fruit from a sweet gum tree. We always call them gumballs!

  4. Oh man. I should've been a fur trader, I should've been a fur trader, I should've been a fur trader... but alas, I was a poor Catholic School teacher (I'd like to think my profit will be more than 650% in heaven)

    Sounds like fun. Give my love to Phil's family. Wish I could've come down with you guys this time. Seems forever since I've seen them!

    Your date. You two. Tooo cute. As for Phil's conversation, I can TOTALLY see that!

    Can't wait to get you home, though. I miss you. *sniff*

  5. Wow! I would totally love those ships. My kids would love those ships. What a very history-y day. My hubby would probably enjoy that kinda day a ton (history major).

    A date, so sweet. That Phil, such a ladies man. Out on a date with one woman and talking it up with another. Don't worry, I don't think that woman's got a thing on you. You SO could take her! :)


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