Thursday, August 16, 2012


We arrived in Williamsburg on Monday afternoon, and after Phil's parents went to a silly timeshare meeting on Tuesday morning (that scored us some awesome discounted tickets) we headed out to Busch Gardens.  The kids had no clue we were going there.  We kept referring to as B.G. in case we ended up not going, and then when we finally told them we were GOING TO BUSCH GARDENS!!!, they said "What's Busch Gardens?"  We explained it was like Disney World but closer, and they were stoked!
 (Why yes, my baby is playing with a prescription pill bottle.  Thanks for noticing.)

 There it is!

This is the parking lot we chose.  100% Irish (me), mostly Italian (Phil)...sorta makes the perfect recipe for offspring.  And you can tell everyone your kids are Garlic and Gaelic :)

Riding the tram:

Waiting for the fun to start, already!

This was Eamon & Maggie's first ride in the sesame Street section.  They look like they are having fun, but when they were done, they said it was too slooooooowwww.  My jaded little ones.

 The roller coaster was much faster and deemed "awesome".

The Pirates 4D show:
  Oh my gosh, you know how I just wrote about my fear of mice and bats?  There was a scene were the bats are flying around in 3D and then your seat blows air onto your neck, and I screamed so loud that I made the baby cry.

 And then I almost cried on this super scary roller coaster with John-Paul.  It was fun but I'm getting too old for the curves:

Train ride from Italy to France (don't spend all your money on a European vacation.....just take the family to B.G. Williamsburg!)


So for most of the day, Phil had my camera phone in his pocket, and I missed a lot of photo ops while were split up.  Once we were back together, I snapped as many as I could:


It was a great (and exhausting) day.  We were at the park for 7.5 hours, and the kids did amazingly well. 

 At the end of the day we all felt like this:

(Sooooo hungry and soooo tired that you just want to do both at once!)


  1. Oh, yes, we have done that too . . . sat through a LONG timeshare talk so we could get free stuff!! That is great that your parents did that for you. We loved Busch Gardens! Have fun in Williamsburg and march with the fife and drum corps for us!

  2. That looks so fun! I hope some day we get far enough out of Babyland that we could go somewhere fun and actually enjoy it!

  3. Fun!! I love BG, but we seem to just eat our way through the countries of Europe. The last time we were there Francie was 2 -- so a lifetime ago! :) Glad you were able to go and have fun!

  4. Isn't that a really large pill bottle??

    Ok, moving on. It was fun to see the photos of you all having a great time on your vacay. The kids look so happy and I bet they totally ejoyed their day.
    It was also nice to see the amazing place that someone, just this month, tried to use our credit card to hold 4 passes for. (Thankfully, it was drawn to our attention and that darn scammer didn't get away with it) Too bad they didn't get to take the trip. It looks like they sure would've had fun.

    BTW, I've never given you my credit card number, have I? Didn't think so. Just checking.


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