Friday, September 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Gosh I love working at a Catholic school.  Just look at what is offered in the beautiful chapel right around the corner to my office:

This makes it so easy to "fit in" prayer time.  It's the getting here by 7:10 for Mass that's hard!  But so far, so good. I figure the screaming at the kids to HurryUpAndGetOutoftheHouse is cancelled out by making it to Mass on time.  Right?  Right?

I am not making any announcement, but I keep having dreams about being pregnant.  
I think it's because Xander is in that ridiculously cute stage of toddlerhood that always tricks me into wanting another baby.  

And Lord knows I don't feel ready for another pregnancy and delivery (more on that later).  
But a baby, yes I would definitely take a baby.

I have been preparing for Eamon's 6th birthday that is coming up in 2 weeks, and he is all about Skylanders right now, so he will be getting this, this, and money to buy a Giant Skylander when it comes out.  And we will be putting him on top of his cake.  He should be thrilled!  

A week after Eamon's birthday is Andrew's 8th birthday, and then Phil's 32nd comes a week later.  And then I throw in the towel until December when I have to think about Maggie's birthday and Christmas. 

I made an ecard:

Because sometimes this whole blogging-only-the-positives feels a bit hypocritical.  
It's hard because I want to record memories that my kids can look back on later, and a lot of my real life friends and family read this blog, and I don't want to complain and put the negative stuff in writing too often.  
But then by only writing about the good stuff, it may appear like my life is perfect, which is so not true. Almost true, but not totally true.
Anyhoo, it's like she said.

I was in the market for new jeans after reading this life-changing article and ended up buying one of the recommended brands, Rock and Republic after fainting from the prices of most of the other jeans recommended.  Do people really pay over $100 for jeans?  I had no idea.  I thought my $50 Gap jeans were splurges.  Anyway, Kohl's sells the R&R jeans and they were on sale, plus I had a 30% off code, plus Kohl's Cash - you know how Kohl's rolls - and I got these for $31.79!!

Do you play the lottery or buy scratch tickets?  I always viewed that stuff as a "poor man's tax" but Phil and I were inspired to play/try to win after watching a 20/20 show about lottery winners.  Turns out most of them spend all their money foolishly, get divorced and estranged from their families, and wish they hadn't won it in the end.  
But that's not the point we chose to focus on.  
Winners!  We could be winners!  
So last week I decided to play Mass Cash where you pick 5 numbers and play them each day for a dollar a day.  If you get three numbers, you win $10, four matching numbers lets you $250 and picking all five numbers correctly gets $100,000.  The first week we played we won $10 ($3.00 profit).  I think they must know somehow who the first-time gamblers are and give them a lucky break to get them hooked.  Note to the Lottery - it's working!

Did any of you watch X Factor on Wednesday night?  
A former student from the high school we work at was on the show and made it through!  She came in the next day to visit:
That's her in the middle

Catch Jill Jensen's audition here.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!


  1. #4? Yes, yes, oh my yes! And it's why I haven't been blogging lately . . .

    But maybe I can manage to jump back in with some quick takes. :)

    Happy weekend!

  2. so the skylanders...stupid question but is it involving any demon stuff? reason being is that I notice the pentagram symbol in some of the packaging. I am asking since I was thinking of getting my sons this too for their birthday coming up. But I just want to make sure its all fine. I need a review from you ;)

    1. Gosh, I never noticed anything demonic, and now I'm afraid to research it because ignorance is bliss. So far, all I've seen is that it's a silly boys game where each character has a special ability.

  3. My hubby can go to mass at work and I get so envious! That is such a nice perk! I do not blog about the negative stuff much either, mainly because my blog is mainly about the things I want to remember . . . a sort of scrap book. I think about 95% of blogs are all the good things and I think that is perfectly ok. I think, we as readers, just need to remember that what people write on their blogs is not their total reality.

  4. I will gladly win the lotto and write a detailed blog series about its impact on our family life.

  5. Lol didn't mean to scare u. I m probably wrong.

  6. I was going to Kohl's next week with my 30% off coupon so I'll have to check out those jeans. I hate shopping for jeans. Hate it!

  7. Just watched the audition of Jill Jensen! She was amazing. What a great story of "that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger."
    By the way, is it wrong to have a crush on Simon?

  8. Nice e-card colleen. I didn't know we could make those. OMG I have so much material from work!! ha ha.

    Jill Jensen has an amazing voice and I've always been a big fan of hers, I hope that she does well on the show.

    As for not being perfect, when you find someone that is, let me know. And I promise not to post comments and stories about how things really are at your house (wink, wink ;)

  9. Also, who is the girl with the bun on her head?
    And don't feel like you need to publish this comment, I don't want to embaress you with the total lack of pop culture knowledge. Or that I can't spell embaress.

  10. #4... I often feel like when I'm blogging, I should be playing with my daughter or doing something with her. I get wrapped up in my blog. Blogging is time consuming.

  11. Definitely!! That's why I try to do it at night when the kids are asleep, or early in the morning, or on my lunch break at work. But it is like a part-part-part-time job :)

  12. That jeans article is going to change my life...just as soon as I am out of these maternity jeans ;)

  13. I'm tempted to "steal" that ecard. You nailed it. Exactly. Cute quick takes, Colleen.

  14. What a small small world! I came to your blog from Margaret in Minnesota's blog and see that you are reading Grasping for Objectivity's blog who is MY highschool friend!!! Actually, we were in the same homeschool coop!!! Small small world!


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