Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Saturday morning was four soccer games.  Apparently all of my kids won their games even though Maggie only scrimmages her teammates and they don't keep score! 

Thank God John-Paul's game ended about ten minutes after the rain started.  Let's just say my shower drain was a little clogged after these conditions.

Sunday morning I awoke to my little princess. 
Don't even tell me he's not a princess - he has a wand for pete's sake.

C'mon Mom, it looks like a gorgeous day!!

I'll even try to eat your hand cream if it'll help get you out of bed faster.

It worked, I got up and went for an 8 mile run. 
I think I'm going to run the same half-marathon in March that I did last year and two years prior to that.  It's going to be on St. Patrick's Day this year which I think will make it extra festive.  I only want to do it if I feel really ready to run it under 2 hours we'll see.

In the afternoon, we took the kids on a hike:

I got wildflowers galore:

Eamon always walks like this:


Phil says: "Bridle trail.  You'd think it would be hard for them to walk in their white dresses."

Saw tons of these.  Or maybe just the same one fluttering by:

Rocks to climb on:

And big brothers to help you get down. 
John-Paul says "If you put this on the computer, write how strong I am" 
(I think he just wants to impress Lotus)

Babies in sneakers crack me up:

It would have been the perfect weekend if only the Patriots had won.  Urgh.


  1. love the way he walks. looks like a pensive old man thinking about his day while taking a walk with his hands like that.

  2. What a great hike! Looks like you had a grand time! :)

  3. We hike with the kids. It is free and kids love to see new things. Your baby is so adorable. cutie-pa-tootie~

  4. LOL at the patriots. :)
    Love all the photos.....especially of your "not the princess, princess"
    It is wonderful that you all take a nice hike together....please next time wear your white gowns.

  5. Great pics. I skipped past the marathon/half-marathon part... sort of. I have envy. Do I need to confess that? I pictured you running in green... with green beads... and a goofy green hat. It made me feel better about my "non-fitness". Don't take it personally

    I love that Eamon walks like that. And I love that he runs like a cartoon character.

    It's hard to imagine your John-Paul showing off at all ;) Love that kid.

    As for baby's in sneaks, I put Ava in a pair this weekend and for the baby who never wears shoes (hey, don't judge, neither do I!) she was like, "What. the. heck. are. these" Thought it was some new kind of torture from her parents. She fell asleep in the car holding the laces.


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