Monday, September 10, 2012

Bits of Tid

a.k.a. Tidbits

Phil and I ordered Papa John's pizza this weekend.  Look at it in all it's greasy goodness:
 Complete with garlic butter sauce, cheese sauce, and extra garlic butter sauce, of course.
Mmmmmm, brings back the college memories...and the Freshman Fifteen.

While we're on the subject of food, Andrew became the next Got Milk model (at least in our house) at dinner the other night....
 ....the next campaign slogan should be:

Handsome, Smart, Athletic, Humble and Friendly.
Apparently drinking milk makes you the perfect child.

(This message approved by an annoyingly proud Mom from MA)

We spent all of the morn on Saturday watching soccer games.

This is Maggie's first year (she's four), and she is already an aggressive and dirty player like her brothers:
Don't let that innocent smile fool ya...

 They all love soccer, so Phil and I are trying to let them all play.  It gets tricky having four games on four different fields and a baby in tow.  But somehow, we're making it work.

My attitude towards diet and exercise has been slowly but surely changing over the past year (since Alexander's birth).  I used to firmly believe that I should be able to eat what I wanted and use exercise to cancel out the effects of that.  For example, if I wanted to eat pizza and cake then I just needed to make sure I ran for an hour that day. 

Now I am leaning more towards the mindset that if I just ate better (read: less) then I could exercise smarter (read: less). 

Don't worry, I'm not jumping on any crazy diets: 

I still love to exercise, for all my reasons here, but eating healthier is probably 80% of the battle to losing weight and I need to stop fighting those (possibly made up) statistics. 

 Besides I'm getting old and some of my body parts just can not handle extreme exercise anymore (I'm looking at you left knee).

I'm going to start using this free app on my phone to log my food and exercise journals and we'll see what happens:

And that's the Monday morning report.  Ciao!


  1. Maggie looks like an angel and I refuse to believe she is anything else! :) (That's what having all those brothers will do to you, competition wise.)
    As I've gotten older I have to agree with the diet thing...can't get away with much junk after 40, darn it all.

  2. I think you can eat as much as you want as long its healthy.

    Somehow I also don't feel guilty about sweets etc if I eat a good breakfast first--which makes no sense.

  3. Not my Maggie! A little dirty player on teh soccer field?! Cannot believe it. Go Maggie!

    I seem to be struggling with the diet/exercise thing. The thing is that we eat as healthy as possible when you are a Minnesotan raising/feeding a family of 6. Joking. There's always room for improvement, but we are doing our best. Since we garden/can and freeze a bunch of our produce and buy healthy as we can at the store, we're doing better than most.

    The thing is, I'm weighing less right now than I have since forever. I weigh almost 25 lbs less than I did when we got married and started having kids. Yup. And, wearing a size I don't every recall wearing. However, I'm probably the most motivated (albeit nowhere near your exercise level, Martin)and willing to exercise as well. Most of the weight though came off with ease. Sorry, not rubbing it in. I'm just at the place of trying to figure out how to make the whole eating/exercise thing work. I do enjoy most food and have been in the same mindset as you with the "I'll eat more and then just exercise more later".

    I'm realizing though that this metabolism will not last forever and I know that exercise is so good for me besides weight loss. I need it for maintaining me: body, mind and soul. I'm just struggling to fit it in my day. Ideally it would be in the morning, but I've been in a funk and it isn't working out that way.

    I maybe should calorie count just to be more aware of how much I am consuming, even though it generally doesn't feel like it's all that much???

    Keep us posted if you figure this all out, because you've kinda become my fitness/eating go-to gal :)

  4. I love Papa Johns. I didn't realize you all had it way up there, but I guess it is pretty big. I was born and grew up in the town where he first started making it in the back room of a bar some of my family has gone to for years. I just always see it as such a local thing!

  5. You make me want Pizza... even with your warning! Yet, we splurge on Pizza from Charlies when we get the chance. Best local pizza!

    As for Maggie... I can believe it ;) I KNOW Maggie! Still, I believe that God gave her the face of an angel for a reason!

  6. OMG the steuby papa johns--how I knew that pizza well!!!
    I'm going to try this again (blogging) so get excited for some awesome comments to come from this way.

    Also, good job on signing up four kids for soccer---I couldn't even manage to get one signed up!!

  7. Gah, knee pain is the worst. I'm sorry. You are amazing having four kids in soccer! This is our first year with our oldest doing organized sports, and it is SO much fun, but also SO busy. So you deserve an award or something.
    And now I can practically taste PJ's garlic sauce...mmm

  8. Oh, that pizza looks oh, so yummy!

    Now that I am close to 40, I have learned that my metabolism has slowed way down. I do not count calories, but I try to eat super healthy about 95% of the time.And my body cannot handle the pounding of exericse the way it used to.It is hard to find a balance! If I want to lose a lot of weight, I need to eat squeeky clean all the time. Would love to lose weight too, but trying to figure out if I really think it is worth it . . .


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