Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) I can't believe another Hollywood couple is separating.

Two of the funniest people, Will & Amy, are splitting after 9 years of marriage and two kids.
Phil never understands my shock at these things, but I totally did not see this one coming.

2) Are you ready for some football??
 Two of my favorite Fall things: hot coffee (extra cream, 2 splendas) and the Patriots!!

3) This is a drawing I found in Maggie's backpack.  Should I be impressed or really really scared of my 4 year old's artistic rendering of zombie eyes?

4) We celebrated the September Birthday's on my side of the family last weekend. 
Happy Birthday to Bridget, Caitlin, Liam, Grace, and my Eamon!
He's ready for some football!

5) We found a restaurant near us that gives you two free kid meals for every one adult meal you buy.  So we can all go out to dinner for less than $30!  They're going to be sorry we found them ;)
Here we are celebrating the last days of summer.

6) There are two virtual runs coming up I am going to participate in.  A virtual run is just a run you sign up to do and then run it wherever you are in the world on a given day.  It's cool to think that you're running the same 5K race as someone from Australia on the same day.  Anyhoo, here is more info on Cari's run:

and Katie's run

Join us, won't you?

7) Update on the house: we will hopefully start painting trim and shutters in the next week or so, then we want to have an open house, and then if we don't get any interest, we are going to take it off the market and refinance (you can't have your house listed to sell and refinance) and try to figure out God's plan for us. 

Wow, that was a long run-on sentence.  My apologies to all my past grammar teachers.

I am completely okay with moving or staying (staying will allow us to keep paying off our car loans and student loans faster) but Phil really wants to move sooner rather than later while the interest rates are so low.  We'll give it our best shot and then let God's hand guide the process.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!


  1. #1: Some I see coming, some I don't: this one I didn't and totally agree with you.

    #2: YES!!

    Great pictures (as always) and good luck with the house!

  2. Best of luck with the house plans...things usually work out one way or another for a good reason. At least that is what people say!
    Those zombie eyes? They look to me like my "mad mother's" eyes. Of course, I don't get them as much as I used to! LOL
    I didn't know those two were even married; sad!

  3. Colleen:
    I totally appreciate number one! LOL! Every time a couple breaks up, I tell my husband, and his feigned horror amuses me. This one surprised me too, big time! :)

  4. hope you get a clear answer on the move. it is such a big decision and hard to know what is best in this weird market.

  5. I didn't even know those two were married! I am so out of touch.
    Good luck with the house stuff!

  6. I don't even know who they

    anyway i really love your 'SEPTEMBER birthdays' or monthly birthday idea. all my kids are born clustered together and group birthdays would solve problems. especially with extended family. they can just come once and be done.

  7. Praying for God's will in the house situation. It must be frustrating! Thanks for sharing about the run!

  8. Puurty Cake!
    Sorta out of touch with that couple...It bugs me also when "the hollywoods" split.
    just so sad..because of the kids.
    I came from a divorce family and it is awful.

  9. My hubby always scoffs when I'm like "hey, couple XYZ are splitting up, OMGosh" and he's like all bah-humbug "that's Hollywood". And more recently it's been more like "did you realize (insert celeb here) is gay? Totally didn't see that one." Yup, I'm really up on all of the

    I'm still on the fence on the Virtual 5K and thinking I may be more likely to do the limping/crawling version. I have yet to commit since I'm so wishy washy and afraid to fail. But hey, like who's gonna see me out here in the sticks of MN any way??

    Good luck on your house ventures. May God's voice be clear and the path clear and open to what He wants for your family.

  10. I am not a runner. At all. But the virtual run sounds pretty cool!! And I'll be praying about the house. We're in kind of a financial situation right now, and trying to figure out if we should try {again} to refinance, or sell the car, or or or . . . stressful, but I'm praying.

    YAY for free kids food! :)


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