Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Eamon started Kindergarten this morning & Maggie started P-4 (Preschool for 4 year olds).

Maggie, what can I say about you as you begin preschool? 

Number One: don't grow up too fast, because you already seem so much older than your age. 

Number Two: it's a good thing you're so cute because you may not have lived this long otherwise ;) 

I think what you need is a sister to help you navigate through this testosterone filled house.  You cry and ask for one all the time, and it devastates me.  Perhaps God has a little girl to send to our family one day, whether it's by blood or desire.  Because as difficult as girls can be, I love you so much that I am willing to have another just so you can have a sister.  You're my favorite girl until we get to that point, and for now we'll just focus on that. 

They look like twins, dontcha think? 

I guess that's what happens when you have babies born 14 months apart and the older one is the runt of the litter.

Don't worry, Eamon, you're the cutest little runt ever, yes you are!

 Here he is stiiiillllll eating his bagel for breakfast.  This is why he's so small, because he takes forever to eat and rarely finishes his meal. 

He lost his first tooth this weekend, and it was such a funny scene.  We had been pulling on it for a few days, but he was too nervous for us to yank it out.  It was sooooo ready.  We went to a family party on Sunday, and my sister (his godmother) said she had some dental floss in her purse and would try if he would let her.  He agreed and nervously sat while she attempted to wrap that teeny tiny tooth in floss.  Once she finally got it on, he didn't want her to pull it.  She suggested we go outside to Grandpa and let him do it.  Eamon agreed, and out we went (I was videotaping the hilarious scene). 

As soon as Grandpa saw dental floss hanging out of Eamon's mouth, he knew what his job was and said "Oh Eamon, what's this?" as he grabbed the floss and yanked out the tooth.  It was out of his mouth before he could even answer! 

But Grandpa had yanked very, very hard, and the tooth went flying.  So for the next ten minutes, the aunts and uncles were on the ground searching for the uber-important first tooth.  We found a small rock that we thought could fool Eamon if we didn't find the real thing, but Phil persevered and found that teeny tiny tooth in the grass.  Phew!  The tooth fairy actually remembered to come to our house on the first night and gave my sweet boy a dollar. 

First thing he told his Kindergarten teacher this morning?  "I lost my first tooth!" 

Boys.  They're nothing if not succinct.


  1. Our 2nd and 3rd kids are 11 months and 3 weeks apart. They're about to turn 5 and 4 and they look like twins too! There is only about an inch difference between them and a few pounds. As time goes on the gap just keeps getting smaller and smaller!

  2. Well my oldest dd wished and prayed for a sister and now she has 3. Watch out. :)

    Yes Eamon so cute and they do look like twins

  3. THey do look like twins!! I love the 'runt' and the girl. You always make me smile Maggie! Hugs sweet dear. I hope school went well for you kiddos today.

  4. they are really darling. i really want to have another girl too, i want Anna to have a sister. we shall see!

  5. Oh my Eamon and Maggie. Getting SO big! I remember when each of you were born!!! Twins they may look like, but their personalities could not be more different.

    I wonder if that's what it'll be like with mine.

    The tooth story. I can TOTALLY see it! Love Eamon's "pun" ...I "LOST" my first tooth ;)

  6. And did you ever think that you might be called to raise all these boys to become GREAT men that our girls can marry some day? THEN you'll have plenty of daughters AND get to miss the hormonal stages!

  7. I guess somebody has to be short - our 2 boys are night and day on the tall scale - oh well.
    And oh the tooth fairy - I chuckled when you wrote she made it on the first night - oh boy I know how that goes. And we have actually lost, lost the tooth and had to leave a note for the tooth fairy -she accepts those too!

  8. I love your "twins" -- I imagine that's how Mopsy and Baby will look in a few years when they head off to school. They are already almost the same size, but at least Baby still has that little "baby" face so they don't look as alike as they will when they are both a little older.

    And I'm willing to lend Maggie a sister for a trial run. Does she want older or younger? Or both? ;-)


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