Saturday, September 1, 2012

Past Few Days in a Photo Dump Haze

Goggles in the ocean?

Xander with sunblock lotion:

Picking up soccer shirts:

Trying to get hurt(s):

Took the little three to the Children's Museum:

Alexander, being a typical ham:

Water and balls are super fun:

Except when you keep slipping on your bum:

 My 6th child hard at play:

 Watch out world, get outta his way:

Biking with the skeleton:

Sitting with a huge woman:

Our Lady even made an appearance:

My kids have no fearance:

Posing on a cow:

All I can say is "wow":

The cutest skunk I ever smelled:

 The cutest baby she ever held:

Xander rocks a turtle shell:

Maggie and Eamon drive well:

 Giving his worst smile:

Bye Mom, see you in awhile!


  1. lol love the one with your 6th child. =)

  2. This is the!! Phils photos are my favorite. He was really getting into that museum toy ;)

  3. Your rhyming is right up there with the guys from "The Princess Bride". I totally need to bring Ava here.

  4. So cute! I wish we had a children's museum nearby!

  5. What's up with chair lady's boobs?!

    Kids look like they had a fantastic summer!

  6. You are a poet and I didn't even know it! Cute photos

  7. You have been busy mama! We love the children's museum, but alas, it's two hours away :( The kids are begging for a return visit and I be Gianna would totally love it there.

    That big child of yours looks like he's having equally as much fun as the littles. Nothing like summer to bring out the kid in all of us!!


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