Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meeting My Match

Have you ever taken a personality test? 

Phil teaches a Vocations class to his seniors, and they cover personality types as a way of helping one determine where their calling may be.  If someone is a loud, funny, center-of-attention type, then maybe the monastic life wouldn't be well-suited for them.  I guess the point is that if you know your strengths and weaknesses, then you can use them to help find your calling.  Of course, God can laugh and make even the most party-going extroverts become holy and serene Saints (hello, St. Augustine!) but it doesn't hurt to know thyself.

We both took the test here and found out that I am an INFJ and he is a ESTP. 

You can read more about the types and what they mean on the link above.  Basically I am an introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging person while Phil is an extroverted, sensing, thinking and perceiving person. 

 So we're exact opposites. 

I guess the trend is that you make friends with someone who has a similar personality to you and you marry your opposite. You know how they say that opposites attract?  Well, I never really understood why, since it seems that someone with an opposite personality trait from you would just get on your nerves. 

But after having five children, it totally makes sense that our offspring get a well-rounded gene pool of personality traits so that they stand a fighting chance in life.  It will be interesting to see how they score on the test when they get a little older.

So tell me....what personality type are you?


  1. Oooh! I took this, and then had a lengthy discussion about it on Facebook. But you're not ON Facebook, are you? I'm ESFP, which reads "You only go around once in life" I don't even know what that means. What does it MEAN, Colleen?

    1. HAHAA!!! I don't understand that at all...

    2. Maybe it means you're a fun loving extrovert, social person who's willing to live life to the fullest and try new things?

  2. I'm an INFJ, sound familiar? ;-)

    Rob gives these tests at work during team-building sessions and he is also an INFJ. And although I don't believe in astrology, we are also the same astrological sign.

    So basically we are the male and female versions of the same person -- and we are best friends. We get each other so well that we can usually work in sync without even talking. We rarely argue, but we do have to make sure that we are not doing the exact same thing all the stinking time. We are both creatures of habit to the nth degree. :)

    And doesn't it figure that most of our children seem to be turning out to be extroverts? How does that happen - it's not like we take them anywhere?! ;-)

  3. I am an INFJ too! My hubby is an ESFP . . . our biggest issues are with the J/P. When I ask him to do something, he thinks it means "anytime today" and I mean now! The fact that we are different I/E works perfectly .. . if it weren't for him, we probably would not have any friends ;)

  4. I'm an ESFJ - "Hosts and hostesses of the world". OF THE WORLD!! C'mon down to Texas for a partaaayyy!!!

  5. I am an INTJ. I know weird. Though I think my N and S are sort of close. DH is IS... I am not sure of his last ones, but I am guessing he would score pretty close to either trait.

  6. It says i am infj too but I don't know how accurate it is. For instance the first ? asks if you are late for appts... well all my life I was early but my husband and my kids make me late so \i answer late but I am not sure how true that is of my personality. I would be early otherwise etc and alot of the questions were like that for me. I do believe my husband is my exact polar opposite though. He is nothing like me.

  7. Sooo...I am an ISFJ. Hmm, so almost completely dead-on that it scares me. Eeek! But I guess I am in good company because St. Theresa of Avila and Johnny Carson were of the same cloth. OH, and Jane Fonda.So, there you go.

    As for career: Childcare Management,Education, Religious Education and Interior Design to name a few. OMGosh! I'm totally in the right field! lol.

    Thanks for posting. It was fun!

  8. I'm laughing so hard because I am an ESFJ. {hosts or hostesses of the world!!!} That is me!
    I do believe that opposites do attract. The coach and I are very different in some area, but our main goals/values in life are identical.
    Apparently that is working out for both of our families!


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