Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Only hat he'll keep on, complete with a gangsta pose:
What's up Mutha?
 2) Andrew was in a play last weekend.  It was so cute, all about teaching manners with lots of songs and dance numbers. 
He has practiced since August for about 3 hours twice a week...all for one line
 He was in a lot of the play too, in the music numbers.  He was so cute up there!

Maggie and Eamon waiting for the show to start:

Andrew (in the suit) taking a bow:

3) Do you want to see a picture of true love?
Please, it's not TMI or anything, I promise! 

This is what I got Phil for his bday...a Redskins shirt for me:
 If you knew how divided we are when it comes to football teams, you would understand how big of a deal this is.  Of course I told him I will only wear it as pajamas ;)

4) Can you handle more shoe cuteness? From Payless, of course.

5) Congrats to Ana and I'm waiting for the birth story.  Hint hint.  I can't read enough labor tales, they mesmerize me.  Calah had a great (actually quite terrible) delivery story to share.  And Aimee is counting down to her 17th child.  (Hahaha it just feels like 17, right Aimee?)

6) Have you signed up to Flocknote's Read the Catechism in a Year?  They send you a snippet from the Catechism everyday via email, and if you read it each day, then by the time the Year of Faith is over, you will have read the whole thing! 
It's cool tricks like this that make me see not all technology is from the devil ;)

7) We are heading to the Mass Citizens for Life Fundraising Banquet tonight.  I get to sit at a table with two couples who have seven kids each, so I'm hoping to learn a lot about this childraising business, because let's be honest, we've been winging it up until this point.

Have a scrumdiddlyumptious weekend everyone!


  1. Again, very cute shoes!! Do they make them for super-extra-big-mama feet??!! It seems that cute goes out the door when you wear a sz (fill in the blank with lg number) shoe and when your foot is a bit on the wide side with high arches. I wonder if I can trade my feet in somewhere??

    Hello, flocknotes, I love thee!! Totally making my day and my Year of Faith so far. Super easy way to get into the CCC and not forget to read it each day.

    Winging the parenting thing? Ha! You are rockin' it quite well I'd say :)

    Have a super-fantabulous weekend!!

  2. I have eight days of reading waiting for me already when I signed up for the ccc emails. each time I get one more I get a little more stressed out.
    not sure when or how I will find time to read those and my fav bloggies!

  3. You got a SKINS JERSEY?!?! That is really true love. I say now that it will be a cold day in hell before I wear a Cowboys jersey. But never say never, right? Xander is so dang cute. And I love LOVE you shoes! I am a big payless fan. I currently own 3 pairs of shoes. All from payless :)

  4. I LOVE Dear Edwina! We were just singing Say No Thank You over here yesterday. I mean 4 1/2 months old isn't too early for manners right?! Congrats to Andrew!

  5. Haha! Yes, I am on my 17th child and believe me, I look every week of it!

    Super cute kids and super cute shoes, as always. :) Happy weekend!

  6. I never would have guessed that any of your children would be gangsters! ;)
    I DO miss my kiddos having school plays; enjoy.
    The Redskins? Really???? Oh, well it's better than the patriots. LOL!!!!!

  7. Cute shoes and the shirt, an act of love!


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