Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Last Friday night we went to a Mass Citizens for Life dinner.  There were sooooo many people there.  I always love seeing people who are pro-life and hearing all these wonderful pro-life speakers, but then I get frustrated that it's preaching to the choir and it's the rest of the population that I wish could hear this stuff.

 Maggie's father and Godfather:

 The keynote speaker, Mary Ann Glendon was awesome!

In case you can't see her very well, here's her bio picture:

This seminarian sat at our table, and he was so handsome and nice.  It gives me hope for the future of priesthood!!

This guy rocked his 7th baby to sleep in his arms in a room full of loud people.  That's called experience, yo.

2) Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel finally made it official!
I think the pink dress is pretty, but I don't know how I feel about it for a wedding dress.  I just hope she doesn't regret it later.

3) Soccer season isn't even over yet, but John-Paul's basketball season has begun!  He's playing CYO basketball for our parish and he has practice twice a week for an hour and a half each night.  He's one of the youngest (4th grade) on the team and definitely the shortest.  Some of the 6th graders are taller than me!
That's his back in the grey shirt and yellow shorts
Lately, whenever John-Paul introduces himself, he says his name is JP.
So all of his coaches call him JP this year.  I think it's cute that he wants to be called JP and we're trying to change our ways and get with his program.  He still talks too much in school but asked the teacher to move his seat away from his friends so he has a chance to be quiet.

4) Xander is 16 months old today!
 He is still drinking from a bottle before nap and bed (bad Mom) and loves to put on anything that will make his siblings laugh (hence the Harry Potter Mickey Mouse sunglasses).  He is a great hugger and an inappropriate kisser and loves loves loves music.  His favorite song is "Wheels on the Bus" and he sings "Town" at the end of each verse in pretty good pitch!

Words to date:
Mama = Mom
Dada = Dad
Bubba = Bottle
Ba = Isabel (his nanny), Ball, what a sheep says, balloon, bath
Nuhnuh = Hungry
NO! = No
Uh (gutteral)= Give me some
Mmmmm = Give me some more

5) Andrew's last soccer game was "Crazy Hair Day" which we always forget about, but his coach sprayed his hair red.  Red hair runs in my extended family and I always thought I would get a red head, but nope, just fake reds!  He is doing great at school but says his favorite subject is gym!

 6) Maggie is still an amazing soccer player, hates braids, loves dresses and tights, and refuses most dinners unless it's chicken, plain noodles, or tacos and wants a baby sister or "girl pet" so bad.  She's a high maintenance cutie patootie, who loves pleasing us and getting praised for it.

7) Eamon just had his 6 year old physical and he's 50% for height, 30% for weight just proving our theory that he's the family runt.  He is fast and aggressive at soccer and can't wait to start basketball for the first time this year.  He's in an excelled reading group at school and makes us laugh everyday.  He's such a joy-filled little guy!


  1. what cute pics. On my son's team, all the shortest ones are the best players. They move faster and sneak in under people to get shots. My son is one of the tallest and heaviest and it really is the skinny shorties that get the moves on. they are so quick. So I am sure your guy will get the best plays :)

  2. Can I just say that I love that your first quick take is about a pro life dinner and your second is about celebrity news? :) LOVE IT. It's all about balance right?
    Also, my little brother John Paul went through the same deal with wanting to be called JP- (he is now 23) -my mom hates that he goes by JP but I think it's a great nickname for an equally great name!!

  3. Love the baby pic.
    Love handsome priests.
    Love pro-life!

    Happy Happy Weekend!

    oh red hair it all.

  4. Such cute kids you have! Your pictures are so much like the ones in my kids' albums. They all play soccer and get their hair painted for our Halloween tournament. CYO Basketball starts Tuesday, two weeks before soccer finishes. And my favorite, the glasses. Our 4th child picked the same ones out when we went to Disney and wore them all the time. I love them. Stopping by from 7QT

  5. Um, I think all 16 month olds still need bottles. Joseph will be 3 in February and still wants a bottle when h wakes in the morning and before he goes to bed at night. So I don't think you are a bad mom.


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