Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Lose Weight

Even though I detest dieting, I do love reading about new diet plans and exercise routines that promise amazing results.  And I've finally seen the light.  

They all say the same thing.

There's the Volumetrics Diet that says you need to eat foods with more "volume" but less calories per bite, so that you can eat more food but still lose weight.  For example, choosing popcorn over chips would allow you to consume a lot more food for less calories.  Whole foods like fruits, veggies, lean proteins that are unprocessed all naturally contain more volume and less calories than their processed counterparts.

The Paleo Diet says you should eat like the cavemen ate.  This means we should be eating whole foods that are not processed and lots of veggies, lean proteins, and fruit.

The Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, Gluten Free eating, or any other low-carb diet states that we should be eating less (or no) carbohydrates because carbs turn into sugar which raises our insulin levels which makes our bodies store calories as fat.  So these diets recommend eating non-processed foods like lean proteins, veggies and some fruits.

Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and other similar programs promise weight loss through counting points or calories.  Because of the reduction in calories, people on these plans tend to fuel up on lower calorie options like lean proteins, fruits and veggies, because wasting calories or points on processed sugary foods would leave you hungry for the rest of the day.

Vegetarian or vegan or macrobiotic diets say that eating more fruits and veggies and little to no processed foods will aid in weight loss.  

Do you see the pattern here?

I should write a diet book called "Just Eat Vegetables, Fruits and Lean Proteins, Move Your Body Everyday, Stop Eating When You're Full and You Will Lose Weight".  Although the title is long, it would be a really short book, but maybe I could fill it with pictures of cute babies eating healthy foods like this:

Whattya think, do I have the next bestseller??


  1. I'd buy it!

    I'd about buy anything right now! Maybe even some green coffee beans!

  2. how to lose weight? stop eating too much and exercise.

    but i like your idea of just a bunch of cute baby pics in a book and call it cute and healthy

  3. Running after cute babies also burns lots of calories. I've just started my post-partum weight loss journey. Trying so hard to lay off sweet stuff, but it may be killing me. You hear that, strawberry ice cream? I miss you, my love! Another big thing is alcohol. I waited nine months to have a beer again, but those don't do anything for getting rid of the belly..sigh.

  4. Spot on! Or, you could call it Burn More Calories Than You Take In. Either way, I think the key ingredient is those babies. :)

  5. Totally best seller! I've got a couple cuties who I attribute my weight loss to. Feel free to add them in your book :)
    My weight loss consists of two healthy babies less than a year apart. Keeping up with them helps with weight loss as does the not sitting down all day and the stress. ha! And, these days I cram in a 30 minute exercise in some form just to get some 'me' time. Hey, don't hate or judge me.


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