Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quicker Than Usual Takes Friday

1) Phil had parent-teacher conferences last night, so we will be celebrating his birthday tonight. 
I will be making Maple Chicken (I would share the recipe, but my Mum would kill me) and for dessert: homemade Fluffy Yellow Layer Cake and store bought frosting.  I just can't make frosting better than I can buy.  I know, I know, trans fats, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup...blah blah blah.  We all have our delicious vices.

2) I just had to take a picture of Maggie in her new outfit:
 Having a girl is so much fun when it comes to the cute clothes!

3) And speaking of cute:
My new shoes that I am in love with!
They are so comfy and just the right height that I can wear them all day without tipping over.

4) I can't stop thinking about how adorable Xander is right now, and how I wish their was a way to order a baby exactly like him in a year or two.   
 And I would name him Theodore, and call him Teddy.  Doesn't he look like a Theodore?

5) I have a coupon for $10 off of $40 to Children's Place if anyone is interested.

6) This is what my kids are going to be for Halloween:
 Except there will be no Wario...unless Phil wants to dress up.
I got their costumes on clearance after last year's Halloween, and I don't care if they don't fit, they are wearing them by golly!

7) Have an amazing weekend everyone!!


  1. Cake looks delish!! But then, cake always looks good.

    Oh Maggie, how sweet you look. Love your outfit!

    Seriously cute shoes. I would give them a try if my feet hadn't turned into ginormous honkin' things (thank you, children).

    Theodore. Teddy. Now that is cute. It would be nice to pre-order kids, but then I suppose God wouldn't have the chance to help us grow in grace if we didn't have some less than easy kids. Greta has been so easy that it's tempting to just stay as-is for fear of anything more difficult. Time will tell. We don't need to decide any time soon :)

    Cute costumes and JOnah would love them! I didn't have the foresight to buy last year and although Jonah would love to be Mario, we may be opting for something cheaper. Good grief, spend upwards of $50+ to dress all kids up for an hour (literally) of candy begging??!! Not worth it to me. Someone is not very happy they can't be Mario, unless I would score big in the next couple weeks. Oh well.

    Happy weekend!! We are super busy this weekend, so I'm sure it will fly by.

  2. i love your shoes. where did you get them? awesome costumes! hooray for clearance!

    1. There's a link in the post where you can buy them.. They're from Payless!

  3. I have known more priests named ted than any other name. Just sayin'. One was father Ted, short for Thaddeus, though. and I am terrible at homemade icing...I often have to buy storebought.

  4. Cute shoes!!I am trying to get creative with costumes this year . . . my kids want to be Lord of the Rings characters!

  5. Girls are certainly fun to dress! I'm actually rather thankful Annamarie seems to be a girly girl, always wearing necklaces and bracelets and carrying a purse, because I think she'll appreciate my tastes ;)

    And yes, I think he looks like a Teddy

  6. CUTE costumes! Cute shoes too, but almost any height is too much for me lol.

    Theodore is on our short list of boy names, except we would probably use the nickname Theo. :)

  7. Nice takes. Maggie's a cutie pie as ALWAYS! Those shoes look great. I'd never take a picture intentionally of my feet ever again I think. I don't even fit into shoes anymore... which is why I wear flip flops almost all year long. I admit it... Xander's a cutie. I can't comment on the name Theodore. I dated a Theo(dore) and it ended... not well. So no Theodore's in my future. Go ahead, though. I could see it! (Do you HAVE to wait 2 years? C'mon!? We can be preggo together again ...and I have "some" experience watching children)

  8. I can't wait to see your Halloween pics!! And yes, little girls are SO FUN to dress! Cute shoes too. :)


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