Monday, October 15, 2012

I Sarcastically Love Mondays

It's Monday morning.

The Patriots lost by one silly point yesterday because apparently they forgot how to play football.

Maggie cried all morning because I wouldn't let her wear the cream colored leggings with the hole in them under her dress, which meant everyone would see her underwear.  I explained that she could sit like a lady to which she replied that she wasn't even a lady yet.

We were running late but I made sure to cook eggs for Phil and I to start the day off right.  Then I watched my eggs slide off the tippy top of my lunch pyramid (because I had forgotten my lunch box at school) as soon as I stepped outside. 

They are doing Construction right by my house near the silly bridge that closes for 20 minutes every hour to let boats pass through.  Do you know how annoying that is?  If the bridge is open, it takes me 5 minutes to get my kids to school.  If it's closed, it takes me about 12 minutes.  Every minute counts when you're running laTE.

I finally get to work and realize that I have a yogurt I could eat in lieu of my dropped eggs.  Except it expired ten days ago.  I'm taking a chance.  If I die, you will all know it's from food poisoning.

Ugh.  Mondays.


  1. I hear ya, Sister! Monday is at the top of my hit list (if I had one). I say three day weekends every weekend and just skip this whole Monday thing.

    Over here, I'm tired and the morning is getting off to a rough start. The toddler was up during the night screaming (she has a cold) and woke up at 4am. The baby is in a good enough mood, eventhough she just pushed through 4 teeth in the last couple days. The big kids, well, the jury is still out on how their Monday will be.

    Ah, Monday, I loathe thee.

  2. we have the same thing here with construction. Its right near this school I pass, sosome mornings they aren't there at all and other mornings they are in one spot then some days they move to another--i never knew if they are going to be there or not and if they are which side of the road and if not where they messses up my commute every day. Its either you get through in 5 mins or you are there for an hour.

    otherwise I have heard yogurt is good one week past the date.

  3. Here's hoping your Monday improves quickly! (And how could it not with that rough start.)

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I always eat expired yogurt. I figure it already has liove bacteria cultures is it, so a few more won't kill me!

  5. I had a very important meeting this morning with teachers and my hair dryer died. Then I go to the store to get a new one...bought every stupid thing except that.

    We were running late with two cars this morning and I didnt know if husband took one of the kids...I just left the house hoping he did.

    crossing my fingers nobody dies today~!

  6. Oh, if it is going to will surely happen on Monday morning!
    I do hope Tuesday was better for you.


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