Thursday, October 4, 2012

Drew Baby

When Phil and I met in Austria, his roommate was named Drew and on the first day after we were all introduced, I got mixed up and thought Phil's name was Drew.  I love the name Drew.  My cousin is named Drew, after my grandfather, Andrew, and since I was a kid I just thought it was such a nice name.  Come to find out, Phil's name was not Drew (but I love the name Philip too!) yet his roommate became a close friend and we all called him "Drew Baby".

Phil and I on the left...and Drew Baby all the way on the right. 
All dressed in our finest Austrian attire.

Once we were deciding on our second boy's name, we knew he would be an Andrew, and we decided we would call him Drew. 
Baby Drew:

For some reason, Drew didn't stick like white on rice, and so he is just our much-loved "Andrew".  Our handsome and chubby baby boy with "black hair and tan skin" (his words) who looked nothing like his older brother has turned into a big guy who still looks nothing like his older brother (or his younger brother and sister). 
I mean really, I think God has a lot of fun when it comes to genetics:
Andrew, you've always been the cool one without even trying.

And today he turned 8!

Usually I am so shocked by how old my children are getting, but with Andrew, he always seems older than he is.  Everything still comes easy to him - school, athletics, friends. 

And he is still the philosopher in the house, always asking deep questions.  Yesterday he said "I just feel like nobody is excited for my birthday" and I said "That's because it's not your birthday".  He replied "Well, yeah, but it's the last day that I'm seven and nobody is reminding me".  Oy!  Good thing he is pouring all that drama into the school play next week!

A young but mature altar server.
He crawled into bed with Phil and I this morning (he is still so affectionate & cuddly) as we lavished birthday praises upon him.  He is super stoked for his birthday, he's been counting down for a month! 

We had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast (a chocolate glazed for the bday boy) and tonight we had pizza in lieu of the breakfast dinner originally requested. 

Make your own sundaes followed (Maggie was my special helper):

And of course, the grandparents and the presents came:
Showing the cool watch he got ("Ma look!  It lights up, and it has a moving helicopter!!!")

Another Skylander:

Wait, Andrew, how old are you?

Oh right, 8.

Well, that deserves an inappropriate-as-always baby kiss:

A Patriots shirt and football for our sports fanatic:

His first Ninjago.  I don't know either.  It's some type of lego with a ninja based theme. 

He was so excited to get it, he literally fell down:

There we go with the dramatics again ;)

And a crazy normal shot of the kids:
Poor Maggie is thinking, I need a sister!

We love you so much Drew Andrew, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness that equals the joy you felt today.


  1. Happy Birthday to Andrew!! We have an Andrew too and I was determined to name him that and call him Drew too . . . he has never once been called Drew!

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew! Wish I could have shared the ice cream sundaes with you...yummy!

    Colleen, is it just me thinking this or have you been having a lot of bdays lately at your house?? Oh wait, was that you mentioning something about Christmas gifts and doing the math??

  3. happy birthday (an)Drew!!!!

    And don't block me from your blog but maggie looks so pretty in these pictures!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Andrew! Love that name! :) And those killer eyelashes!

  5. Happy birthday Andrew! He sounds so much like our John Paul...dramatics and innocence and philosophizing and everything! (I knew that same Drew in college as guy :)

  6. This is so sweet! Happy birthday to your (not so) little boy. Your birthday foods are just like ours, pizza and donuts, a family after my own heart :)

  7. I love the name Andrew but never liked the name Drew. I think it goes back to a boy I knew in Jr. High with that same name. That poor kid was a mess!

    When I saw that picture of Maggie I thought to myself, "she really needs a sister!" and then I saw your caption. Ha! Great minds! Perhaps you better get to work on that! :)

    Happy Birthday Andrew!

  8. Happy Birthday Andrew!!!!! What a cutie. He has the exact same smile as your mom! But on Phil's face?? I don't know - he's just a cutie. And I might be the lamest mom ever, but homemade sundaes is an idea I hope I don't forget. It's kind of perfect and I never would have thought of it!

  9. Maggie DOES need a sister! ;) And I seriously laughed out loud about his comments that no one was reminding him it was his last day of 7 years old!!! I have a dramatic one too {or four!}

  10. I love the name drew too but we couldn't use it due to too many other drews/andrews in the family. happy birthday

  11. Happy birthday and God bless your sweet son!!

    Love the baby kiss!

    My son LOVES Ninjago, in fact, he's having a Ninjago tournament next weekend, his second one. He planned the whole thing. Every time he gets money, he saves up for Ninjago's. (I don't really get it either) --it's a boy thing!

    How is that sister thing coming along?

  12. Awwww, such a sweet post. :)
    Happy Birthday Andrew!!
    Legos are the way to every boy's heart.

  13. Look at those beautiful eyes on that kid! Birthday boy is going to be a little heartbreaker....but always love his mother most :) Happy birthday, buddy!


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