Friday, October 5, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Welp, I fell in love with my husband all over again.
Did he bring me flowers?  Nope. 
A nice gift? Nuh-uh. 
Did he save Jesus?  YUP!

We had a school Mass here this week, and one of our International students from China went up to receive The Eucharist, not understanding what she was doing, and walked back holding The Body Of Christ looking confused.  Phil jumped up from his knees and went over to her, trying to ask if she was Catholic (she wasn't) and trying to explain why she couldn't receive the Eucharist but her limited English made it impossible.  So he politely took Jesus into his hands and walked back to kneel next to me and consumed the host. 
I swooned.

It was a good debate, right? - It's comforting to know the President of the United States can put as little energy and preparation into a job interview as I do.

Plans for the weekend include: removal of old couches, cleaning carpets, delivery of new couches, four soccer games, a date, preparing for and selling at a yard sale, a birthday party and possibly apple picking.  Good thing there's 3 days in this weekend!


I cooked a Hootenanny (and added apples) for breakfast last weekend, and it was delicious. 
I would credit the recipe, but I can't remember what blog I found it on :(

I ate my once annual pumpkin muffin from Dunkin Donuts this week, and it did not disappoint:
Pumpkin Muffin, I wish I could quit you.

Enough about food - geesh!  How about something fitness related? 
I got some Mizunos and love them.
The end.

And now for the giveaway winner of the Mother Runner shirt:

Congratulations!  Just email me your address and I'll send it right out!

Have a stupendous weekend everybody!!


  1. What is this Hootenanny of which you speak?? I have never heard of such a thing but it looks delish! I'm dying to bake something pumpkin but the cupboards are sans canned pumpkin and far be it from me to take one of the actual real pumpkins from the 50 in the backyard and figure out how to cook it :) Oh, and thank you for reminding me about the long weekend! Totally forgot!

  2. Someone else mentioned a 3 day weekend... is there a holiday that I'm unaware of? Either way I feel gipped because I'm definitely only having a standard weekend!

    LOVE the Mass story! Have a great, busy, long weekend!

  3. Oh yes... Columbus Day. *pretends to not be horrible at American history*

    Definitely working! :/

  4. Hootandwhaty?

    You and Christine need to get together to bake, she baked a ton of pies this week!

    Oh, I keep thinking about what your hubby did for Jesus. Wonderful....the graces he received by doing that. Wow.

  5. Yes! Talk more about this Hootenanny, because I always thought that meant a party. It doesn't mean a party? I thought it meant a party!

    Swoon for hubby, yes ma'am!

  6. Yay for Phil. I can see why you swooned!

    Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Good luck and have fun!

  7. Phil is awesome :] And where did you get your new furniture from? We left all ours in MD and need stuff for our new digs.

  8. What? I stopped reading at take one, since there's no way any of them could get better than that.

  9. Jamie has a great idea! I need more help. Too many apples. I need some more recipes also...hootenany-whatever sounds and looks awesome.
    Knuckles for Phil.

  10. Alrighty, so I somehow neglected to read my Reader since Friday??!! Just hopping on now and reading this.

    #1....I'd swoon too. Well done, faithful Phil!!

    #2 Died laughing at this one. Didn't see the debate, but from what I've heard/read, this comic says it all.

    #3 You were busy, busy this weekend. Us, not so much but enough to get a few projects done at home, go grab a few pumpkins from our nephew's garden and a super-fun five family (26 kids!!) get together yesterday. Phew. Gonna need day 3 of three day weekend to rest up. ha!

    #6 Sweet shoes. Will have to remember this when I go Pro with my running!!

  11. Love your blog! I'm a running mother of many as well, and ran two marathons in my beloved Mizunos. At least I thought they were beloved until I switched to Merrell barefoot Mary Janes. I had to replace my Mizunos about every three months when I was doing 30 mile weeks or else I would get injuries. All that excellent engineering? Your feet and the rest of you get used to it and when it starts to breakdown you suffer. You know all that rage about the barefoot running? There is a reason. I could never, ever, ever go back. Absolutely the greatest revolution I have had with running in all my 20 years of calling myself a runner. This pair I bought over a year ago and they are still doing what they need to do: letting my feet do what they are designed to do. I have trained for two half marathons in these and never have I felt stronger in the feet and calves. Sorry, didn't mean to go on, I am a bit evangelical about barefoot running!


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