Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keeping the Doctor Away

Now that it's cold season and Phil and I work in a high school and four of our kids are in elementary school, we are all exposed to tons of germs everyday.  I just discovered this product and jumped on the bandwagon, late as usual.

Emergen-C is what I drink every day now.  In cold water it tastes like flat soda, but in hot water it's delicious. Whenever I had an upset stomach as a kid, my mom would make Jello and let me drink it while it was still in that warm liquid stage.  That's what this tastes like when you make it hot. And here's the goodness you'll be putting into your body:

Emergen-C has a wide variety of drink products, including some for kids,recovery, immunity, heart health, joint health, and low calorie versions:

I don't get anything for promoting this product, but I love it so much that I can't keep quiet about it.  And if anyone wants to compensate me, I would happily accept :)

You can get a free sample here!!

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  1. OK, you like it, but does it work?

    Have your gone through a whole season without getting sick?


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