Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wicked Long Weekend Wrapup

After your comments on Friday, I was determined to find the Hootenanny recipe!  I changed it a little by peeling and slicing three apples and sauteing them in a pan with a little cinnamon and brown sugar, then I put them into the bottom of the baking dish and prepared the hootenanny according to the recipe, pouring the batter right on top of the apples.  Yum!

Friday started with a football game at the high school.  I was asked to sell tickets, you know because I'm good with money and stuff:

At half-time I went home, and Phil and a nice friend of ours came over to remove the old couches from our living room and family room.  They had barely put them out in front of our house when a man with a truck stopped to take them away.  We can put anything out there, and somebody always wants it.  It's awesome and magical.

Then my good and hard-working hubby went out and rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the rugs for the remainder of Friday night (do we know how to party or what?) before returning it to Home Depot and then falling into bed.

Saturday morning brought soccer games for the boys, a doctor's visit for Maggie (croup), and the new couches were delivered! 

Family Room

Living Room
The next step will be to remove/replace the pink rugs.  One expensive thing at a time people!

Saturday night, we went on a double date with some great friends and had some delicious food and laughs.  We felt like real grownups for a change :)

Sunday morning after Mass, we headed over to the local apple orchard and picked 20 pounds of apples.  That should last us a couple weeks, I hope!  Cute pictures of the kids should be up by tomorrow. 

Then I went for a 9 mile run and my knee hurt so badly after that I may never be able to run that long of a distance again.
Proof that I used to run.
Actually it's just proof that I put on athletic clothes and stood in my bathroom.
But you believe me, right?

I baked the Barefoot Contessa's apple crisp (that was so very good) to celebrate Maggie's godfather's birthday, who came over on Sunday afternoon to watch the Patriots destroy the Broncos with us.
Maggie with Fr. Dave on her 4th birthday (and our old couch!)

Monday morning came too fast, and we raced off to participate in a family yard sale:
Setting up with the siblings and the early-bird shoppers
Little sister and Dad making the big bucks ;)

The Mom of Six.
She always tells me I'm the favorite one though.
It's embarrassing.

#1 and #4
Otherwise known as Seansie and Waddy Feeney.
We are so weird.

I tried to drum up some more business...

But the kids were a lot cuter and did a better job:

After the yard sale (we made a whopping $71!!) , we all went over my sister's house to celebrate the October birthdays:

The bday ages from left to right: 7, 8, 6, 13

Make your own sundaes!!  (can you tell we come from a family of ice cream people?)

I sat down on that new couch on Monday night and fell asleep faster than a baby on breast milk.  That was a fun but busy weekend.  But whatever happened to rest and relaxation?  I think I need to start scheduling that into our plans. 


  1. Nice new couches!! Looks like you had a very busy weekend, but sometimes those are the best.

    Had to laugh at the running picture. Now that I cannot even run 2 miles without pain, I feel like a total imposter for having the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on my car. And, I wonder, if I will ever be able to run any distance again without pain.

  2. You are so lucky to have family so close and all that fun with garage sale time together. I love garage sales!

    Sorry to hear about your knee. Stinks to get old.

    Fun to see all you do. You are one busy girl.

  3. Couches look awesome... I actually needed one for the new house to "stage it" to look like Shaun's living there while the work's being done. Could have used your couches from your Living room (Family Room one's would have been a bit too big)... shoot. I should have stopped by that yard sale and helped you get to $75! I also send a lot of birthday love to the Mr. who was born on the Feast of our Good St. FRancis (and Ava's original due date). I can vouch that you were a runner, but the skinny lady in the mirror doesn't need me to.

    P.S. I like the pumpkin costume. Ava has one like that. Ahem.

    You could wear it when she wears hers to go Pumpkin picking this upcoming weekend???

  4. The garage sale lookls like a hoot!!

    Oh, you're still a runner and super-awesome woman to look up to. IMHO. :)

    I will be right over with goodies and beverages and we will relax on those comfy couches. *bliss*

  5. Ooooh new couches! Exciting! Sounds like a fun weekend...when are we gonna go on a double date? I know you want to date me :)

  6. wait i'm confused are those 2 different rooms or the living room became the family room ??? I couldn't tell its pink carpet from the pics until you point it out. Is there wood underneath instead of replacing carpets? we have pink walls in one of our rooms. To me thats worse...been wanting to paint it for awhile.

    cute yard sale pics.

  7. I'm SSOOO sorry about your knee pain!! And the croup too. :( Two of the worst things ever!!
    And now all I can think is I need a sundae!

  8. The couches - I LOVE THEM!!!! We just went shopping at La-z-boy this past weekend and I think those look familiar?? They are so pretty :)


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