Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes: The Bucket List Edition

Last night as I was watching parts of the CMA awards (did you see them dance Gangnam Style?  soooo funny!)

I turned to Phil and said "One day we will go to Nashville, right?  It's on my bucket list."  And then I thought maybe I should post my bucket list and start working towards those goals to make them more of a reality than a pipe dream.  So here goes:

1) Were you paying attention? I just told you one of my bucket list items.  But I don't want to only go to Tennessee, I would also love to see Georgia and South Carolina.  

2) I want to smooch Phil in Austria again...and again...and again :)  
I'm thinking when one of our children (hopefully) goes to Franciscan University and (hopefully) travels abroad, we will (hopefully) be able to visit them there.

3) I want to see a baby being born.  

I know I've pushed five bambinos out, but I want to see someone else do it and go through the whole process without being in pain and agony.  Phil always tells me how amazing and beautiful it is.

4) I want to meet some of my favorite blogging buddies in real life that I haven't had the chance to meet yet.  You lovelies all know who you are!

5) I want Maggie to have a sister, and I would love to adopt her.

6) I would love to learn to play violin again (I played for 5 years) and then teach my children how to play.

7) My number one bucket list item is to go to Hawaii.
Maybe for our 25th anniversary?!?!

Have a wonderful bucket-list-completing weekend everyone!


  1. Didn't catch CMA's, but seriously love Carrie Underwood. I mean, how cute is she?! Like, All.the.time. I wonder what it's like looking that good/cute all the time??

    Any who....I spent one night in Nashville while on NET. I thought it was awesome. I have said ever since that I'd like to go back to Tennessee again one day to see so much more. And the Carolina's would be fun too. ahhh....

    I keep thinking I'd like to be on the other side and see someone in controlled labor (no screaming/drama) and what that must be like. Let's do swappies--next time you deliver, I'll fly out. If I ever deliver again, you fly here? Got it?

    One day, we're gonna meet. We've gotta. We've just gotta. I sound too pathetic talking about you here around home so often like you live next door. The kids think it's weird. At least if we met you become a real person and not someone I stalk. lol.

    Happy weekend, Bestie!!

  2. Let's take care of a bit of #4 soon. Didn't you say you were coming to Indiana some time in the future? We will make that happen fo sho.

  3. Aaron and I have an excel document that is shared in google docs that has our bucket list. We can add to it whenever we want (and we do a lot). I think it is so important to dream. My favorite bucket list item? I REALLY want to take a bath in a bathroom with a fireplace. Can't wait to cross that sucker off.

  4. I am el-lam-O because I do not have a bucket list. Not sure if it is a blessing or a curse but I am a pretty content person in my own little world right here in MN. I guess if I won the lottery...a bucket list would magically appear.

    Please come to MN..lots of lakes, NO BUGS..hee hee..and lots of MN bloggers!!!

  5. I think you're inspiring me to write down my own bucket list! I get REAL antsy when I don't have a project or goal to work toward, so it'll contribute to the overall peace and harmony en la casa.

  6. I made it to the bucket list? Awesomeness! And we WILL meet one day, I know it!

    And I could help you out with #3 as long as you don't mind seeing me lose my s*@t and you don't have anything to do at Christmas. I'm sure you won't be busy at all. ;-)

  7. Ah! I have a bucket list too! Visiting North Carolina has always been on my list, although I am not quite sure why. It just seems like the most wonderful state! I am impressed with you ambition to want to see a baby being born. I have only had one. I think I would feel so helpless when someone is in that much pain. Although I know it is such a beautiful miracle, so maybe I could get over it. Thanks for sharing your bucket list with us! Happy Friday.

  8. love your bucket list! i am totally with you on wanting to give my daughter a sister. if our next baby (not pregnant yet) is not a girl, i might have to consider adopting one myself. i want to go to South Africa crazy bad. hopefully one day. . .

  9. As a native SC'inian, can I just point you to Charleston and call it a day? Because the rest of the state (with the exception of Greenville/Spartanburg and Columbia) might make you cry. Oh what, you've never seen The Corridor of Shame?

    Seriously, I should be a travel agent!

  10. Fun! My bucket list? I want to see Venice. I want to go to China and I soooooo want to adopt too, but it does not have to be a girl!

    Hawaii is BEAUTIFUL! You will love it.

  11. Love the Halloween costumes and the All Saints costumes!!! My favorite- Bowser, and St. Francis. SOOOOO CUTE. The other ones are pretty awesome as well. Happy All Soul's Day, hope your week went well.

  12. Wouldn't it be great to meet? I would love it too.

  13. It is amazing and beautiful and unbelievable to watch a birth but as a doula it is super hard work if you're actually expected to DO something while you're there :) And as beautiful as it is and there is that teeny part that makes me want to do it again there's a much bigger part that makes me super duper not anxious to do it again!
    Hawaii is on my list, too. And Rome. And maybe becoming a midwife (that one would take some Divine workings out...)

  14. Awwww! I'm going to be honest, and say that I had my fingers crossed SO HARD hoping I was on your list ;) I don't think you know how much I would love to meet up with you one day. Hope that dodesn't sound stalkerish, lol! I just know we'd have such fun visiting. Plus, we can start arranging marriages ;)

    I love your bucket list. I was in the room when my nephew was born. I was only 13 at the time, though, so I would LOVE to do it again. Preferrably before my girlies have babies of their own. What a miracle. Poor Jeremy, I'm already on his case about #5!


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