Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) Here is Maggie directly after waking up from a nap.   Look at that bedhead and that face. Yes she's almost 5 and she still naps on the weekends.  I think we'll keep her!

2) Have you all tried Garnier BB Cream?  The stuff is awesome.  It really does what it says - renews, brightens, evens and highlights.  I just squeeze a tiny dab of it with a dab of this moisturizer and I'm done.  Try it and love it with me.

3) Our faculty retreat was last Friday and we went to a huge warehouse that has been converted into a gift giving facility.  People drop off used clothes, toys, books, anything (except socks and underwear - those have to be new) and volunteers come in to sort and clean and fill the orders of kids that are in need.  It's such a wonderful organization, and it was so touching being able to serve there for a few hours.  Phil and I definitely want to bring the kids to help. They take volunteers as young as 3 years old and have them decorate wrapping paper that they wrap birthday gifts in. How sweet is that?  Giving feels so good that I'm thinking it's almost selfish?!?!

Some of our great coworkers

The Martin Duo
 4) Andrew made this turkey apple at school and I was thinking it might be a good activity for all you crafty homeschooling mamas!  It's just toothpick legs, a paper accordion for feathers and he drew a turkey neck and face and stuck that on a toothpick.  Cute, yes?

5) The great Christmas lists have begun.  We told the boys to list only 5 things:

John-Paul's (age 9)

Andrew's (age 8)

Eamon's (age 6)
 I like Eamon's first item the best...a "super safe target game" as if any target game is safe in this house.

6) Maggie (age 4) made her list and only asked for one thing, a La Dee Da doll.  I have no clue what they are, but she poured through all the toy catalogs and fell in love with the Lollipop girl.
John-Paul (our family's resident materialist) saw her short list and said "You can ask for 4 more things!" and she said "But I only want one!"  Like I said before, I think we'll keep her :)

7) I will be planning and cooking my first Thanksgiving meal this year.  I've never cooked a turkey before!  I don't even like turkey, and I never eat it, even on Thanksgiving.  Just pass me all the delicious sides, thankyouverymuch!  Phil's brother and his wife and their 6 kids are coming to visit us, and luckily my sister-in-law is a great cook and will be holding my hand through the whole process.  It should be tons of fun and my kids are dying with excitement to see their PA cousins.  One question, how many pounds of turkey do you buy per person eating?

Have a great prepping-for-Thanksgiving weekend everyone!


  1. So, they list five things and how many do they actually get? My kids list three things, get one, but actually get three gifts total from us(want, need, read). But that still amounts to about 15 new items in our house, and those gifts are just from us. There are still grandparents, etc. I am a clutter-a-phobic so Christmas can get real heavy for me.

    1. We still haven't decided how many they will get, but I wanted them to let us know what they want first. I love your idea with the want, need, read. My husband and I just can't seem to agree on what their one "want" gift should be.

  2. When I read his list I thought it said, Eamon "Super Safe" Martin. As if he was your really careful child and wanted you to know it! Ha!

  3. Oh, I want Maggie. I want to kiss those sweet cheeks!

    My kiddos need to come up with a list for Grandma and Grandpa and have a hard time doing far we have for everyone: Legos, Barbies. Except Nicholas does not have Barbies on his list...

    We need a store like that one--giving--what a great store!

    Turkey? Get those Brown and Serve bags, rinse the turkey, make sure it's thawed, take out the garbage in the butt, and put a little flour in the bag, put the turkey in, put it in a roasting pan, and then when it's done, cut the bag open, use all those juices for your gravy!! I'd get a 15-20lb turkey and you should have leftovers for sandwiches for the evening or next day, or I like to freeze the leftovers for soup! I think a 10 lb turkey would be too small. Have a great weekend!

  4. You better watch out for when Maggie becomes a teenager. The boys are going to be tripping over each other to get to her! She is so pretty!

    I LOVE when you post the kids' wish lists. They are so funny and cute! Have a good weekend!

  5. Love the "I want a punching bag!" every boy should get one! My boys have wanted those blow up things you put on your hands and then punch your brother...that scares me. It just looks like someone could get killed!

    happy weekend

  6. A punching bag. THAT is what we need around here lately. I wonder if that would really work if we hung up something in the basement during what promises to be a sanity stretching winter...

  7. Love the turkey apple so creative!! and a punching bag could be a good thing!..great kidos!!

  8. Maggie is so sweet! She can be Ellee's pseudo big sis, k?
    That wharehouse shebang sounds awesome!
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!


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