Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I Wore Sunday


This is actually what I wore Saturday to America's Thanksgiving Parade in Plymouth, MA and then to Mass and a Spaghetti Dinner/Talent Show at our church that evening.   It's a multi-puposed go-go-go casual judging.

 Cream Sweater: Old Navy (30% off with code Merryday)
White Tanktop: My Mom
Green Courderoys: JC Penney
Cream Shoes: KMart (not kidding!)

Maggie was all "Mom, I actually know how to strike a pose.  Move over."

Shirt: JC Penney
Skirt: Hand me down from older cousins
Polka Dot Leggings: JC Penney
Lip Gloss: $2 makeup kit that Daddy let her buy at the school's holiday fair
Princess Tiana Socks: Her drawer filled with princess socks that she insists on wearing even though they clash with everything.  The girl's got class clash.

Join up with more stylish woman over at Fine Linen and Purple.


  1. You both look great! And Maggie was right...she knows how to strike a pose!

  2. Cute! Both of you! :) And, I love the picture you have as you header on the blog! You have a beautiful family!

  3. Love the cords! I have a coupon for JC Penney that I really need to use but that would mean I have to go the mall...UGHHH!!!!

  4. Old Navy sweaters are timeless! I am loving the white with green combo.

  5. love the girl's got clash, hilarious! my daughter is the same way with socks, i plead with her to just wear white. i smiled big when i read your comment on my page about conceiving your first!

  6. Green and cream are very nice fall colors :-) You and your daughter both are very nice pose-ers, haha. She's so sweet!

    Thanks for linking up with us!
    Kendra, Fine Linen and Purple

  7. Yay, you joined! I'm digging the courderoys!

    Also, love the addition of Maggie. She makes clash look classy. :)

  8. YAY. you better participate every sunday. Sunday. whatever.

    Kmart??? I wonder if STL even has a Kmart because you know where today's field trip will be .....

    and Maggie is SO cute. Can she send some of that gorgeous hair Julia's way? thanks in advance.

    and dont get me started on how jealous I am that you and Cari get to hang in real life.

    1. I'm going to be a creeper here and second Grace's statement of jealousy. It's sad that I got off facebook so I could try to be a better person, but I just follow all my favorite people on instagram instead...

      I love your mommy-daughter Sunday outfits post! Maggie is adorable and you look FABulous! I can't believe you have 5 kids?!?! Crazy!

  9. Awww Maggie is so cute!
    I didn't even know K-Mart sold shoes haha. Shows how much I go there!
    And girl I'm looking at your half marathon times on the right. you're a rock star! I'm hoping to get under 2:30 the next time ;)
    Thanks for joining us!

  10. Ha! your 'what I wores' are my favorite!

  11. Comfy and stylish, double win and little sweetie....well, just nothing cuter than dressing up our little girls!!!!
    BTW...great blogger prayer!!! May have to steal that one!


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