Tuesday, November 20, 2012

America's Thanksgiving Parade

Can I bore you with a thousand pictures from the Thanksgiving Parade we went to on Saturday?  Yes?  You are too kind!!

It was in Plymouth, MA which is home to the Plymouth Pebble and all things Mayflower.

This is part of the huge line I was waiting in for coffee and donuts.  Turns out America really does run on Dunkin'.

Phil and our offspring and one of my sister's offspring.

"Step away from the munchkins."

Of course, the boys played America's pastime (that is football, right?) while they waited for the parade to start.

Cousins and BFF's

My goddaughter and my first born:

How New Englandy do we look...geesh:

"Eat my finger."

The Clan showed up!

I wish I could tell you all that transpired between these two, but Cari guilted me into not overindulging the budding romance for fear of embarrassment and retribution one day:

Beautiful Veronica, the most petite baby ever:

And the parade finally starts...only 2 hours late...

Santa!  Santa! I know him! (quote that movie)

There's nothing like a picnic lunch in Novemburrrrrr:

Two minutes into the drive home.  Boom.

And if you don't hear from me before Turkey Day - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!


  1. Oh how fun! And so cool that you got to hang with the Donaldsons!

    Oh, and Elf. You've gotta make these more difficult if even I, the woman who watches maybe three movies a year, can get it ;)

  2. happy thanksgiving. cute pics. Cari-didn't you just have that baby? Wow she is getting big so fast.

  3. "You smell like meat and cheese!"

  4. Awwwwww, you got me at the last photo!!!

  5. The tugboat is so cute!! It looks like a really fun parade.
    But now I need to find a donut, asap.
    Your family is adorable !!

  6. Great pics! Love 'Elf'...we will be watching it this weekend if we can find some time when everyone is home and awake!

  7. Why am I just seeing this?!?! Oh, and Lotus said you could post the photo of the scando she and your oldest were involved in. She clearly doesn't worry that it will harm any future job prospects.

    And hey, I look skinny in that picture of me! Nice shot, Martin!

  8. The St. Nick float is SUPER cool!
    Looks like it was such a fun day - great pics!
    And JP is too cute with his girlfriend, I mean friend!


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