Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: #edition

1) This is about the longest week ever.  I don't know why, it is just draaaaging. 

2) My baby and his "boom box".  This kid loves music!  All of the pictures are blurry because he dances.  I was worried he would damage his hearing, but the speaker is actually on the side facing away from his ear. 

3)  I completely missed Jen's new show.  I live in the land of TiVo where we watch nothing live, and I guess this was just too much for me to remember.  Argh, I hope I can catch a repeat soon!  

4) Who's watching Elf with Cari and Dwija tonight? 

5) Our babysitter returns home from Steubenville tomorrow!  And the angels sang a Heavenly Alleluia!  We've missed her so much, the kids have added her to our litany of family names when they pray at night and have been counting down the days until her arrival.  John-Paul said "Maybe you and Dad can go on a date soon so she can babysit us??"  Um, well ok, if you insist!  

6) My thyroid ultrasound and blood work all came back in the normal range (thank God!), so my doctor is running a few more tests to rule out anything else, and sending me to an allergist because I think caffeine might be the culprit.  

7) Ten more days until we bring Evie home!  


Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. #toocutexander

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Very cute cat! Unfortunately both of ours started out that way but now are just lumps that I trip over every single day. And the kids are both allergic to them. UGHHHHH!!!!!!

    We also Tivo everything. And usually stay about two weeks behind.

  3. I'm watching Elf tonight with Cari and Dwija!!!!! And you should, too!!!

  4. #lovingnumber5

  5. thanks for making me smile with your nfpphase2 comment, too funnuy!

    1. I second that...laughed out loud

  6. Hope you find out what is going on soon. Altough I still have a deep affection for coffee, I can no longer drink it without getting sick. A good side affect of the detox.

    Too funny with the # . . . I still so not get why people use them all the time, but then again, I am usually about 1 yr behind the times.

    No watching Jen here . . . we do not have cable.

  7. I love the baby boom box!!! sweet pictures...

  8. #thankyouformakingmelaugh

  9. #icantbelieveicanactuallyreadthisstuff!

    Fun post
    Happy Weekend!

  10. I just loved all the #s in this post! That cat is still looking like a cutie! So glad your thyroid is all in the normal range. Have a wonderful weekend:)


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