Saturday, December 15, 2012

Breakfast with Santa 2012

I don't want to ignore the shootings in CT (only 3 hours from our home) as my heart goes out to all the families affected.  What a terrible terrible situation, and right before Christmas too.  I can't even imagine their heartbreak.  

But, we are trying to celebrate life and family and the Christmas season, and hold our littles a little closer, while praying for those who lost theirs.   

We went to the Catholic high school where we work because they had a Breakfast with Santa this morning.   Maggie is sick so Phil stayed home with her and Xander and I just took the older three boys (so easy!):

J-P akwardly posed near Santa and didn't ask for anything because he "already told Mrs. Claus he wanted an X-Box". Smart thinking.  Always tell the wife when you want to get something done!

Andrew was a bit more natural as he asked Santa for a 3DS.  
Santa said he would tell his elves to work on it.
I wish his elves knew how to make cutting edge electronics.

Eamon loved visiting Santa but couldn't think of anything he wanted.
Nothing?  Yeah we've got that covered, easy peasy.

And amongst the arts and crafts, breakfast was to be had.  
Pancakes and sausages and smoothies, yum!

Brothers from the same mother.


  1. That looks like such a nice time. How fun to be with just the older ones....such good quality time without worrying who will have a meltdown.

  2. My heart is broken for those families...I am praying for all involved....iBooks like you had fun fun time with boys..yay

  3. our school santa pancake breakfast was this morning too.

    looks like they had fun


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