Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Morning Through the Years

Phil and I were married in 2002 (that makes us ancient, huh?) but didn't get a digital camera until 2004, so that's when these pictures begin.

Can we just take a moment of silence to remember all the pictures captured by film that will forever go unnoticed by the Internet?


Seeing my babies as actual *babies* is making me so sentimental.  
Sniff sniff.
Pull yourself together, woman!

But can't we go back to when they were all warm and cuddly and didn't talk back?
No!  Life goes on!
Okay, here come the waterworks.....

Christmas 2004
John-Paul: 22 months ~ Andrew: 2 months
This is the year we decided to leave them in pajamas for Christmas morning.  I mean, duh, why get dressed if you don't have to?
Christmas 2005
J-P : almost 3 ~ Andrew: 14 months
Here's when we decided to get a picture of them on the stairs before they came down to open presents.  It's a tradition Phil's family used to have, and we wanted to start it.  We are super duper copy cats, but imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?

Christmas 2006
J-P: almost 4 ~ Andrew: 2 ~ Eamon was 3 months and couldn't sit on the stairs yet!

Oops, must have forgotten about the stairs in my baby brain fog (Maggie was born Dec. 1st) and just took a photo on the couch!
Christmas 2007
J-P: almost 5 ~ Andrew: 3 ~ Eamon: 15 months ~ Maggie: newborn!!

Christmas 2008
J-P: almost 6 ~ Andrew: 4 ~ Eamon: 2 ~ Maggie: 1.....and I guess not cooperating (big surprise!)

Christmas 2009
J-P: almost 7 ~ Andrew: 5 ~ Eamon: 3 ~ Maggie: 2

Christmas 2010
J-P: almost 8 ~ Andrew: 6 ~ Eamon: 4 ~ Maggie: 3

Christmas 2011
J-P: almost 9 ~ Andrew: 7 ~ Eamon: 5 ~ Maggie: 4 ~ Alexander: 5 months and too young to sit on the stairs!

Christmas 2012
Coming Soon!!!

It's funny, I always take these pictures and then think "That's not a good one" but I am sooooo glad looking back that I did it.  

I love my kids and all their imperfections.  

Just as our Heavenly Father loves us.


  1. How cute are they??!! I love that you have the tradition, whether it's copycat or not. As for us, I have Christmas morning photos but I don't think they would contain the kids sitting nicely together. I guess my kids wake up way too early and I'm too bleary eyed on Christmas moring. haha.

  2. Good morning, this! So sweet! And I love the pajamas. We love jammies here too, in fact we stay in them all Christmas Day! Have a great day...

  3. I love these kinds of photos. We do jammies too....

  4. these are so precious and priceless!

  5. Your kids are so darn cute...:) Hope you guys have a merry and wonderful Christmas!

  6. Adorable, Colleen! I was just looking to see what their ages were, because I was telling my girls that we're going to match our little lovies up, lol!!! P.S. It won't work with our kitties because ours is a girl too . . . but they can be BFFs ;)

  7. Hold on to the memories they grow up fast!! sweet babies!! loved all the pictures.


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