Monday, December 3, 2012

Friday's Soap Opera

On Friday, I texted Phil this picture and said "Is our dishwasher broken?"

He said "I think it's the new soap."

I looked at the new soap.  
 The new LAUNDRY soap.

What a clean mess.  
But seriously, why make laundry tabs that look just like dishwasher tabs and sell them right next to each other at Target?  Why make laundry tabs at all?  Can't we just keep scooping or pouring in our laundry soap like we have for years?

Is it safe to say that maybe a man invented these?

Oh well, you live, you make your kids laugh at you.


  1. What a mess-who knew it would do that! I actually love the laundry tabs-it's making it easier to teach the kids to do laundry.

  2. Hahaha this is awesome. In defense off the laundry tabs- they are VERY useful in college! I only have to carry one little tab down to do my laundry! lol I hope your Monday's going great. :)

  3. Hahaha! Oh my goodness! This is totally something I would do! At least your dishes will smell cotton-y fresh!

  4. Therese and Haley - you make great points for the laundry tabs! Points taken :)

  5. Ha! My husband brought those home, thinking he'd gotten dish soap too. I asked myself the same questions. Are they really necessary?

  6. ACK! What a mess. QUICK..get those suds off that gorgeous wood floor! You are a busy mama and I do stuff like this all the time.I am sure the kids loved it.

  7. too funny! i would totally make the same mistake! thanks for giving me a laugh today! :)

  8. Ha! Love it! "you live, you make your kids laugh at you" this will soooo be my life... for the rest of my life. I practiced as a teacher and perfected the art of humiliating myself in front of children. Got that one down ;)

  9. This is SO funny. Sorry. :)
    I have the laundry tab things. {DON'T love them!} I found mine next to the laundry soap....not the dish soap. I'm starting to wonder if you were not the shopper on this trip??
    But not that I'm pointing fingers or anything either.....
    p. s Thanks for the smile!

  10. Funny now, but what a mess!!!!

    I never buy the tabs, because my luck the kiddos would probably get water in the container and they'd all pop open...

  11. Oh no!!! What a mess!! I'm sure you'll get a good laugh at it now that its all cleaned up!!


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