Monday, December 3, 2012

What I Wore....

...Monday morning at 6 am - poor picture quality matches the general mood in the house on an early Monday morning.
If you ladies at Fine Linen and Purple don't want me participating a day late and a dollar short, then please let me know.  Otherwise, Monday morning it is.

Sweater - Kmart (I only have maybe 4 pieces from Kmart but they have been making a reappearance lately)
Shirt - Do you really care where I bought a plain white shirt?  I didn't think so.
Corduroy Skirt - Old Navy
Brown Tights - Old Navy
NEW Boots! - Macy's

I've been searching for boots that fit my oddly shaped legs for over two years and I finally found some!  They are nice and fitted around my calves and I got them for 40% off on Black Friday.  Touchdown!


  1. I don't really care what day you post what you wore. I just like seeing the cute outfits others come up with...way to rock it! You all are so inspiring with your clothing :)

  2. You are so cute! love it!!

  3. I'm not into boots (possibly the only woman in the world who feels that way) but I LOVE THOSE! I have man-calves though, so I'm sure it would be a depressing trip to find ones that worked lol. Also love the corduroy skirt!!

  4. I would really like to find some boots that fit my calves. They all seem so huge and the one size fits all thing doesn't work well. It ends up looking like I'm playing dress up. That or they're crazy expensive....

  5. ha. yes I do care about the white tee .... I think those are my favorite to wear. spill it.

    and awesome boots .... I cant really pull off the skirt and boots thing ... maybe a little tutorial? thanks.

  6. Great sales are awesome! Love the boots and cute sweater.

  7. You did post a pic of the boots! YES! I know the feeling of victory when you finally find a pair that fits right. You look fab.

  8. Ok, with the risk of you getting mad at the purpose of the What I wore to Church thing (started at the other blog) to get people to dress better at Mass? If there is a purpose like that, then, I guess I think it's ok. I really try to not pay attention to what people wear to Mass, focusing on myself, trying always to wear a skirt and my best for Jesus. But I have this inner thing that says right away (my negativity I guess) Isn't this materialistic? Isn't this making people want to buy things better than they have? Isn't this kind of a pride-full post? (not yours, just these types) Am I jealous because the same black skirt I wear every Sunday, changed with different tops, is so old that I have no idea where I got it, and am just happy to have gotten a shower that day and in that skirt?

    That being said, I DO love your boots and this, so far, is my favorite outfit on you. You are one styling mama!

    Please don't be mad.

  9. So long as the link-up is still open, go for it, I say! I like your outfit. Looks cozy yet classy :-) I love a good piece of knitwear.

  10. How I love boots with tights and a straight skirt. I don't know if I have the style sense to pull it off! Oh, maybe I will try...

    And very pretty sweater.

  11. Cute! And your boots look great! Awesome choice.

  12. So cute!!

    And I say participate away, lady! Besides, just tell people you are participating on my behalf since I wear the same.darn.(elastic!!). clothes all the time. Until I have this baby . . . . and then I'll be wearing different elastic clothes, arg. ;-)


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