Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's Tidbits

Because Grace's post about pregnancy nutrition made me order something I never even knew existed, I thought I would share my NON-PREGNANCY daily lineup of vitamins and minerals.
 From left to right:
1) Raspberry Ketones - These are supposed to help you lose weight (burn fat) faster.  I have lost a little weight since being on them, but that could just be that I'm trying to eat healthier.  I figure it can't hurt since eating raspberries is good for you.  I take one in the morning as soon as I wake up.

2) MultiVites - These are gummy candies vitamins that are your basic multi-vitamin, but are a lot more fun to eat than the horse pills you have to swallow.

3) Blood Builder - This is what I heard about from Grace.  It's an iron supplement with folic acid that is great for people like me who are constantly borderline anemic from not eating enough red meat.  Phil says they actually sound like they're made of iron when you shake the bottle.

4) Fiber Well - These are sooooo yummy to eat, they really are like candy with benefits (you can infer just what those benefits are so I don't have to explain)

5) EmergenC - I've praised this stuff before.  I drink a hot cup of it each afternoon in lieu of eating a million oranges.  So far it's kept the sniffles away!

6) Probiotic - My midwife told me to take these daily to keep my gut in working order.  And whatever my awesome midwife says, I'll believe her.  If I eat yogurt during the day then I may skip this one at night.

7) Vitamin D - Did you know that we are so so so deficient in Vitamin D, especially those of us who live up north and hibernate all winter?  Vitamin D is being linked to a healthy body in so many ways - more energy, less risk of cancer, stronger bones, the list goes on and on.  Get some!

8) Magnesium - When I used to get charlie horses in my pregnancies, I was told to take magnesium, and it worked!  I continue taking it because I find that I am not as sore after my workouts when I do.  

9) Vitafusion Calcium (not pictured because I just ran out!) - These are more gummy yummies to eat for stronger bones and since I hate drinking milk, I need calcium.

Phil's comment when he sees me taking all these vitamins "You know, you could just eat healthier."  So true, but most times I don't and so these make up for whatever I'm lacking.

 I was talking to a coworker who has some spicy blood in her genetics and she was shocked, shocked, that when I make tacos I don't fry the corn tortillas.  She was so disgusted that I just had to make tacos the other night and I did quickly fry those corn tortillas in some olive oil, then stuffed them with grilled chicken, sauteed onions and peppers, cheese, salsa, sour cream and lettuce.  And boy oh boy, was she ever right!  They were ten thousand times more delicious than normal.  Try it, you'll see (Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day tomorrow would be a good time for some Mexican food!).
Repeat after me - fat is not the enemy!

My baby boy was napping on Saturday and kept waking up crying because he couldn't breathe through his stuffy nose and suck his thumb at the same time.  I took him downstairs and he fell asleep on me, which has pretty much never happened since I'm sort of a nazi about having babies sleep in their own space.  He was so warm and cuddly that I was sad when he woke up.  My little baby is getting too big too fast.

Here he is laying on the couch watching the Wiggles (his favorite) while feeling a little sickly.  What 16 month old does this?  He's like a teenage boy in a baby's body.

OK, it's Alexander overdose in these pictures, but I just wanted to show you what he does in the car if he wants a taggy to hold onto but has none.  He takes off his shoe and uses the strap.  So cute!
Phil says we should make a photo montage of all of the taggy blanket substitutes he uses.
I say we should just buy him another taggy blankie.


  1. love these. glad you got the BB -- and VERY curious about these magic raspberry pills for the postpartum months ---

    Alexander is so cute with the tags --- ha. At least he isn't picky!!!

    and I just did the very same thing with the shells --- oops --- been depriving ourselves alllll these years.

    one last thing -- I really think baby boys are more snuggly? or maybe Julia is just ---- Julia.

  2. Great pictures!

    Besides raspberry ketones, I have also read that green coffee extract is supposed to be good too...we shall see in the new year. ;)

  3. I've heard about the ketones lately too....I must try them. I am starting "align" probiotic soon. I've heard awesome stuff about it even though I don't actually have an 'angry gut', I figure it can't hurt.
    That little boy is just delicious....love all his photos. I hope he is feeling better!

  4. Love how industrious he is! Why get him another taggy blanket when he will make is own?

  5. My 3 and 6 year old don't use tags, they use my hair as their tags....it's weird. My kids are weird. my 3 year old will take the ends of my hair and touch it to her tummy and her feet....at which point I say "No feet", but it's kind of cute.

    Love your little Xander, he's so smart to take off his shoe!!

    With all those gummy vitamins, do you get a little constipated? I never buy those for that reason. Anyway...I love eating tons of veggies, but don't always have time--it takes time to eat, and it takes time to make them, so I have V-8's on hand...they make some great farts, but I feel healthy. Do you like V-8's? I recently started taking D too...in an effort to keep away any colds, I have to say, the last round about a month ago, I did not get as much as everyone else. I take the strongest dose...We Minnesotans get very little daylight in the winter.

    I also really believe in that probiotic stuff, I drink Kefir about every other day, and it's full of probiotics!

    Now, Ketones I've never heard of taking....I just know, being a type 1 diabetic, Ketones means too much sugar and that's not good for the kidneys and it spills in the urine. I also know, that that is a way young teen diabetics try to lose weight, by overeating, lots of sugar, they spill ketones into their urine and lose weight. My dietician told me that years ago. Not healthy at all. Very hard on the kidneys.

    So, my question is Why is taking "ketones" good for you? It has to be different, right? I mean it's only a little pill.

    Is magnesium close to the same as Potassium? Because it's the Potassium in Bananas that are supposed to help with leg cramps...I had a really bad leg cramp the other night, behind my knee...I have magnesium here, I took it while I was gluten free for Simeon, it helped with constipation, because of being gluten free.

  6. OK, I must clarify, I am only constipated when pregnant and gluten free....otherwise, plumbing works great! :)

  7. Thanks for posting pictures of the "tag" baby. I cannot get enough.

  8. Lol, Jamie!

    That Xander... I'll be so happy when he's my son in law. Easy to please... that's what we like. I LOOOOOooove the pic of him sleeping on you. Love it.


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