Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Praying for Jen and linking up with Hallie!

Here's what went down between December 26th and New Year's Day (that's 7 days y'all!)

1) December 26th
We braved the long lines to return some misguided gifts :)
2) December 27th

Phil and I went on a date!  That's what we decided we wanted as a Christmas gift.  Unfortunately Phil still wasn't feeling well, and the babysitter called while we were gone because the baby threw up.  Of course he did.  He was completely fine when we left, that little stinker.

Now I see why supermodels cross their legs...much more flattering!
And yes, I am sucking it in, thanks for noticing.

Good ol' Phil, I told him to lean against the door and look natural...nailed it :)

Here's where we went.  That's all you get.

3) December 28th:
Mornings of sleeping in (until 7:00) and sipping homemade cappuccinos.  Does life get any better?

4) December 29th:
John-Paul's basketball season continues.

5) December 30th: 
Alexander goes out in the snow for the first time.  Luckily he has a big sister to lead the way.

Xander does not see the fun in snow angels.

6) December 31st:
Licking the spatula from the New Year's Eve food prep.
New Year's Eve movie night!
 7) New Year's Day:
Ice cream treats to ring in 2013!

And then because we are obviously masochistic...a trip to Chuck E Cheese's to end the vacation week!

 Happy First Weekend of 2013 everybody :)


  1. That looks like an awesome week, besides the baby throw up! I totally pose like your husband.

  2. hubba, hubba, looks like you had a nice Christmas gift! you look hot!

  3. love #5. laughing so hard at xanders face in the snow. Thats my little kids too.

  4. I love sharing your days with you and your family, Colleen! So fun and comforting to see other families so similar to my own...Your cappuccino looks soo good. I enjoyed the slower paced mornings as well. We went back to school on Wednesday, and this week has been long! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! : )

  5. Love the week you had! Total fun!

    I can't wait to have a date with my husband. I'll see if I can get him to pose. I always suck all that left over baby (ok, in my case fat) in but this time it might be hard with crutches.....???? My shoes won't be nearly as pretty as yours either.

    I love the ice cream on New Year's Day. We always make it a point to have ice cream at the local little shop for dinner in the summer. :)

    You've got a great end to 2012 and an even better start to 2013!

  6. That was so funny!! (and you do look like a supermodel--you hot mama!)

    Love Xander's look on his face in the snow---

    I hope you guys at least got to eat your dinner?

    What movie did you guys watch? Always looking for good family movies! We ended up watching "What About Bob" My hubby found it for like 5 bucks on a end rack at Target....said it was his favorite movie--been married for 16 years, never heard him even talk about it...then after watching it he recanted and said The Gladiator was actually his real favorite movie. It was a funny movie, but a couple questionable parts where I cringed....if you are familiar, where Bob does the Torette's swearing ticks...fart face kind of words...

    OK, that went too long....

  7. I was totally jealous of your date night.
    Then I got down to the Chuck E. Cheese part.

  8. Seven days of fabulous fun I'd say. I smell 'Parents of The Year' award. Make that "Hot" Parents of The Year. Smokin' you two! ;)

  9. Looks like a great week off overall! I'll have to take some more time and catch up more - I've been away from blogging for the most part for some time now.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you're doing well! I left a reply for you after your comment. :)


  10. Kids sharing a spatula...precious. I have to like dirty 5 spatulas so everyone gets their own.

    DATE nights rock. Poor baby getting sick. Babysitter rocks too if they come back to sit again!

  11. I laughed at Phil's natural look. What a silly guy....and what a hottie you are; looking great there Mama!
    I hope everyone feels healthy for this weekend. Happy 2013 to you all!

  12. Woohoo! for date night (even if it was cut short), cappuccino and playing in the snow. We have yet to take the boys to Chuck E Cheese - it scares me!

  13. That's it! I'm coming to visit! You guys have WAY too much fun! Yay for date nights! Jeremy and I are in desperate need of one :)

  14. Happy 2013! It so happens whenever we try to leave the house together soon.

    Hope everyone is feeling better!


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