Monday, January 7, 2013

Life Lately

My breakfast choice lately: Kashi Go Lean Crunch with Almond Coconut Milk.  It's so yummy, it tastes like I'm having a treat.  I'm pretty sure this is more sugar than I should be having first thing in the morning, but it keeps me filled up until lunch.

Guess how many times I've flossed my teeth this year (my January New Year Resolution)?  Once.
Guess how many times we've said the family rosary this year?  Once.
I heard something about slow and steady winning the race, so maybe there's a chance....

What do you do with some high energy kids when it's slushy and cold out?  Take them to an indoor playground at the mall.  We used to go to this one a lot when the older kids were small, going back this weekend we realized that J-P and Andrew were now too tall to play there!  They snuck in some time anyway.  Xander loved going down the slide all by himself, when his siblings would let him try :)

Speaking of Xander, he's been such a lovey lately.  He wants to get picked up and cuddled by me whenever I'm around.  Which I'm loving but my back and hips are not liking it so much.  He's not the lightest feather in the pillow!  

He climbs up in the kitchen chair and waits for food now like one of the big kids.  Then we move him over to the high chair...sorry buddy, we only have 6 kitchen chairs.  He's going to be in the high chair for a looooong time!
Cut on cheek courtesy of crashing into a doll crib.
The blue spray bottle in the background?
That's for spraying the kitten when she jumps up on the table.
Bad kitty.

Can I tell you all how much I love my hubby?  We spent yesterday putting away Christmas decorations, organizing the house, cleaning, and even switching the couches from the family room to the living room.  
Then I baked him a lasagna and let him watch the Redskins in peace (meaning I put a movie on for the kids upstairs).  

And they lost.  
Poor RG3, he was so hurt and disappointed I wanted to give him a hug.  

Now that the couches are in the *right* rooms, I need some advice on where to buy throw pillows.  They are so expensive!!  And I need 8 of them.  And I can't sew, so please don't suggest that ;)  Where do you recommend?

Also, if I am going to run the Half Marathon near us in March  I need to start training now.  But I can't decide if I want to do it.  It will be on St. Patty's Day which will be fun but Phil's knee hurts him whenever he runs more than 4 miles and if he doesn't do it with me, it will be a loooong 13.1 miles.  If I do it, I would want to beat at least last year's time of 2:06 and get under two hours again.  I still exercise a lot so it's not like I need the motivation of a race to work out.  What do you think?

P.S. Please don't talk about Downton Abbey yet, ok?  We recorded it because we were fast asleep!!


  1. I love when we take down the Christmas decorations and move the furniture around a bit. Makes it feel like we have done a bit of a reno!! Have you tried Target for throw pillows?

    PS I have mostly kept my resolution to eat healthier with the exception of cake. There must always be cake!

  2. I need motivation!!!

  3. Oh, I'm going to have to stay away from the posts where they talk about Downton....I also recorded it and don't know when I'll find 2 hours to watch it...might have to move my pump to the living room!

    I like that Kashi stuff, but with no milk, just crunchy goodness!

    We, also, have only prayed the rosary once. Last night. Our goal is to have a family rosary night on Sunday evenings--7:00 (thanks to you:) and then hopefully it will turn into more nights.

    My resolutions will start when I'm done pumping!

    Wal-mart pillows don't last long, they get flat pretty quick, I'd try Pier 1--maybe they will have good January sales? We got rid of pillows when we had that lice stuff going on almost 2 years the kids use blankets or bring pillows down for movies. I found that those throw pillows were just that, "thrown" all over the floor and I was the one always picking them up and putting them on the couch!!

    I'm going to have pillows when these kids grow up though.

    1. I had to by pass twitter last night as so many posts were Downton. We are hoping to catch up soon or keep enjoying amazon prime?

  4. Throw pillows at Ikea! Cheap! Great selection! And, quite sturdy, says this mother of 7(5 boys!)!

  5. Our house was a sad place to be yesterday. My hubby and boys were so upset about the game. RG was not doing well yesterday. It was clear his knee hurt alot!

    I say go for the half and have fun with it!! I loved doing the marathon on St. Patricks day last year. Loved dressing in green and seeing all the crazy outfits.

  6. I am a die hard Cowboys fan, but I LOVE me some RG3. I wish the Cowboys could have him. We will trade you Jerry Jones! :))

  7. We have a long to go to catch up on Downton but we are having fun watching.

    I got lucky and had my Mom sew pillow covers over the old pillows. That helped. In addition to pier one maybe try target?

    I'm with you on the resolutions....not doing so good. I'm shooting for Sunday night family Rosary. The other days will have to be on my own, for a little bit more.

  8. Love my Kashi in the morning too, Colleen. Can't start the day without it! : )

  9. try a thrift store for the mix and match look for pillows. But I agree, throw pillows are throw pillows with boys LOL.

    mall walking is a good exercise

  10. Thank you for coming over & leaving me a comment. That was nice of hubby to help you and also for you letting him have his time. I feel that is very important for our hubbies. What sweet little ones you have.
    I am just getting ready to start a running program. I haven't ran in so long due to weight. Proud of you!
    Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  11. I am a superduper flosser. I need to floss every single night or my life will end. Just my quirk.
    We are Sunday night family prayer warriors. We read the gospel for next Sunday and reflect on it. or talk about it. Pray the rosary, have intentions(silent prayer) for the week.

    I use the spray bottle like a charm.
    No idea about throw pillows. I have never owned on in my life and probably never will.

    Keeping toddler in her high chair as long as possible because we have the same problem.

    running..I am like phil. I get too sore. My body aches.

  12. i'm going to have to try that breakfast now. I enjoy making yogurt, fruit, and Kashi granola parfaits for the boys. Mountain berry is really nice. =)

  13. Do you have a Ross or TJ Max by you? I know that is usually where I find good deals :).

    Love your breakfast, right now I'm not allowed sugar or carbs but that sure does look good and something to fill you up until lunch is always a winner!

  14. Home goods, TJ Maxx or Marshalls! :)
    Poor Xander, while you are out shopping for pillows, pick up a chair for the little prince. LOL. Glad to see you are teaching your cat the rules now, they are hard headed.


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