Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes


Please pray for all those marching for life in DC today.  Our high school sent about 100 students, and I've been lucky to have marched twice before.  It's deeply moving experience and I am thankful for all the people who take time out of their busy lives to help save babies and women.

On Monday we had a day off work.  With no morning sports practices or games, we found ourselves looking for something fun to do.  And then I remembered that Ikea had a child's play area and Mary Kate recommended buying throw pillows from there.  Fun for all.  Except that after the looong drive there, the Smileland was at top capacity and we weren't waiting in line longer than it would have taken us to shop.
 So all seven of us went off through the crazy maze of Ikea looking for throw pillows, and I found some for the butterscotch couch!

 The kids were satisfied by the purchase of frozen yogurt at the end of the checkout line.

The other night at dinner, I looked over and saw this:
 She's either conspiring with the kids who want another sibling yesterday, or she just knows who drops the most crumbs in the house.


Tonight we have Parent Teacher Conferences for Maggie and Eamon.  I send Phil to these things because he's a teacher and can stay non-emotional about the whole thing.  I always want to cry no matter if  they are excelling, or could use some improvement.  Either way, my Mama Bear is a hot mess.

You know what the problem is with girls?  Hormones Feelings.
Last week I was feeling so overwhelmed at the thought of another addition to our family, and this week, I started getting baby fever.  Actually it's more like toddler fever since I'm not truly a baby person.  After a great talk with a great friend, I reevaluated what's important in this life and where my priorities lay, and then I read this post from Leila where she said "You know what the Bible calls riches?  Children."  and it really struck my heart.


Looking forward to a date at The Melting Pot this weekend.  I got a groupon for half off the normally ridiculous price.

And since those dern Patriots lost, I am glad there's no football to watch this weekend.


Happy Weekend Everyone!!


  1. Oh, I sent a comment but did it go through?

  2. OK, we need pictures of the pillows!!

    So happy you have that baby feeling....

  3. Something happened in the com box?

    I think I said something like I love the cat want to go to Melting Pot (we've never been!) and Lady Grantham cracks me up.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Cute pillows!! And frozen yogurt, I'd take that over Smileland any day.
    Good for you on baby/toddler go Girl! Me,

    Happy Weekend! Not much for plans here, but that's fine by us too.

  5. I love the picture of Evie. So adorable!

  6. i needed to hear that quote about children being riches. have a wonderful time on your date!

  7. So, we are to expect an announcement soon?? ;)

    I will live vicariously through your Melting Pot experience. I've never been but oh, how I want to!

  8. Great list! IKEA, fondue, and the Dowager!!

  9. Several points of order:

    1. I wish we had an Ikea. And a Trader Joe's. And a Costco.

    2. Stop trying to break down my "no pets while people are still peeing their pants" resolve with your ultra cute pictures of Evie.

    3. I send Rob to parent-teacher conferences if I can because I am afraid they are going to tell that my kids are total screw-ups and it's all my fault. I have issues.

    4. I am READY for the announcement about #6, God willing. Get it in gear, mama! :)

    5. Melting Pot! Date night! so jealous . . . no one ever wants to watch 7 kids. :/ Enjoy the heck out of that date night for people who haven't left the house in 3 weeks. Not that I know anyone like that . . .

    Happy weekend!

  10. I live in the boon-docks. I have wal-mart..yippee.

    LOVE the kitty pic. Keep those coming and I agree

    babies and kids are the riches in life.

  11. Aw, thanks for the linky-love! I'm sorry about the line at the play land, but so glad you got some cute pillows! Best part is that when they start to look too well-loved, you won't feel badly about ditching them -- cheap and Ikea never changes their products!

  12. Love those pillows! I always wondered what happened if there were too many kids in the Ikea kids area. Evie is just sitting in the high chair because she knows she's the baby of the family now :).

  13. Hi Colleen!

    I just happened upon your blog and wanted to say hello! I love the picture of your kids with the pro-life awesome! :)

    Have a great weekend! And don't worry, Downton is way better than football anyways!

  14. You kitten is cute! Looks like my ctr must've when she was a kitten.

  15. Oh my gosh, the picture of the cat ...I'm dying.

  16. Ikea is awesome!! But not with all the children in tow. Wow. And thinking about adding another has been on my mind lately as well. I'm scared to death right now, but each and every day, my fear eases up a little. I hope that's not God preparing me for something...b/c I'm still 99% scared to death...

    What would definitely make me feel better is the Melting Pot. You should share. That and the cookies. Dangit I'm hungry right now!!!

  17. If you have another, and it's a boy, I'm putting in official first dibs on behalf of Veronica. I'd really like to marry off all my daughters to Martin boys.

  18. #3: Another option: it's a perch from which she can observe the happenings in the house.

  19. love, love, LOVE ikea pillows an the cat. I'm all for another martin baby, ya'lls kids are so cute!!

  20. your cat is so cute and funny :)

  21. I am like Christine...I live in the boonies...which means Walmart... ugh...Love your kitty! : )Have a great week, friend!

  22. WHAT??? Toddler fever?! I love it!


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