Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Do List and a Deep Thought


Please go visit Bonnie and nominate your favorite blogger in the first annual Sheenazing Blogger Awards for awesome Catholic blogs.  There are plenty of categories to nominate someone for: funniest blog, inspiring blog, coolest blog, best male blogger, etc.  This is so much fun, and I can't wait to see all the nominations!


Inside me lives a thin woman, but Phil keeps her sedated with chocolate chip cookies

Untouched picture of the actual cookies he bakes for me.
I am so loved.

Ciao Bellas!


  1. Hehe.....they look good!

  2. I read about the Sheenazing awards at Cari' fun! I already hopped over and threw in nominations. There was a certain little family blog I read that I wanted to be sure to nominate ;)

    I have chocolate cookies at my house right now too. I keep myself sedated with them. Somehow they always make the day better.

  3. I so want to reach through my screen a grab some of those cookies! In your spare time : )....Pleeeease post recipe? Thanks, friend! I have a good recipe myself, but those look reeeally good!

    1. And now that Colleen was kind enough to point out to me that there is a link to the recipe...and I have had my coffee... I see it clear as day! : )

  4. least the recipe only makes 16? Does that make the skinny you feel better?

    (you are skinny by the way)

    Makes me want to bake, my 6 year old wants to have a tea party tomorrow and she always thinks that means homemade cookies...tried talking her into store bought (which do not tempt me at all)

  5. We made chocolate chip cookies the other day, too. At least I dimly remember making chocolate chip cookies, though you would never know it based on shocking lack of evidence.

  6. I went and nominated ~ do I get a cookie? Seriously it is wonderful if occasionally dangerous to be married to a baking man :)

  7. drool.
    AND You have an amazing man. I cannot even make cookies that look like that.

  8. I think that there needs to be an award for husbands of bloggers who will actually bake their wives chocolate chip cookies. I think your hubby has that award in the bag!!

  9. When I first read that super quick I thought it said Sneezing Boogers awards! HA!

  10. Yum!...and you are skinny! (and I nominated you;)

  11. Yummy! I'll take one of those if you don't mind!...I told my husband today " I started my diet today" he says " really" I said " yes I started by eating everything in the fridge". ...a girl has to start somewhere!


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