Friday, February 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

After watching Downton this week, I remarked to Phil, "I am just amazed that Lord Grantham is the LORD of the house, but Lady Grantham is telling him he can't sleep in his own room!"  
You killed our daughter, prepare to sleep on the couch.

Phil replied "But that's how it is, women have always called the shots in that area.  When have you ever slept on the couch?"  Touche, my love, touche.

One of my best friends in real life started a blog!  
Sarah and Bill

Sarah worked with my hubby for 5 years (I think?) and also lived in the condo downstairs from us with her sister, Katie.  Now she is a married wife living in Indiana and mommy to Addie with another baby girl in the making.  Go give her some love here.

What do you do when your friend is 2 days overdue?  Take her out and get pedicures of course!
Marijanna is smart and brings her own polish from home for future touchups.
Poor lady, working hard on my corns.
I chose a Valentiney color
Pretty just in time for pushing.  Her, not me.
Eamon's Kindergarten homework this week included a heart that said "Jesus Loves", where he had to draw his family.  This picture makes me so happy, I just love our family.  And I love that this is Evie's first appearance in a Martin Family portrait.


I'm thinking of an idea to start a Traveling Rosary where people could sign up and when you receive the beads, you say the Rosary for a week straight (with a specific set of intentions each day), then mail it on to the next person.  Would any of you be interested in this?

Phil and I have decided on our future kid's name.  No pregnancy news, but we always like to discuss names.  Plus there will be plenty of  babies babies babies coming from everywhere soon, and we have to state/stake (I never know how that saying goes) our claim. 

 A girl (yeah right!) would be Emily Therese - Emily is Phil's favorite girl's name and Therese would be after his grandmother and of course, St. Therese Martin.  If we have another boy (most definitely!) would be Theodore Kane - We both just love the nickname Teddy and Kane is my mom's maiden name.  

We also decided that we won't find out the sex and I will have an epidural.  OK enough planning, God's already cracking up, and I'm not even with child.


What is the deal with everyone hating on February?  It's a lovely short month, filled with holidays like Ground hog's Day, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Lincoln's bday, Washington's bday, John-Paul and my birthday (everyone celebrates that, right?) and we get a whole week off of school for our February Vacation.  And guess what comes at the end of February?  March!  Spring is right around the corner!  Cheer up you winter whiners!

Have a wonderful weekend - ours is off to a great start as the high school has cancelled school today due to the impending blizzard.  But our kids have a half day, so Phil and I will be taking Xander to Mass and then the gym and then out for brunch.  Yay!


  1. I soo want to have a Theodore (Theo/Teddy) bc that was my grampa's name but Steven is just not interested. I used to love Sebastian, which is now his fave, but my current fave is Oliver. I'm sure it will change a million times! I'm the opposite of staking my claim... I have a girl name we are DEF using but I don't want to say it because then I'm afraid other people will use it lol!

    Traveling rosary- YES!!! YES!!! Awesome idea!

    Family portrait- makes me die of cuteness.

    Re: the couch. Ahem. I'm the only one who has ever been on the couch because I happen to have a level headed husband who gets over things. I am *not* so I end up storming off to the couch until he comes to rescue me.

  2. First of all, I love this weeks edition of 'Quick Takes'!
    How awesome of you to take Marijanna out for a pedi, I am sure it made her day that much more awesome!
    I would love to participate in the traveling Rosary, but I don't think shipping it out to Poland is an option :)
    I love the baby names you have chosen, and your plan for your half-day off is awesome!!

  3. Love the names. We (I) always had the names before the babies were conceived too.

    Traveling rosary? Great idea. Sign me up.

    Off to check out your friend's new blog.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. So glad to see you with Marijanna. I've been thinking about her and praying and so wishing I were closer. I'm glad you two went out--cute pedi's!

    Traveling Rosary--love it! I'd be up for it. names, eh? ;) I think it's good to stake your claim on names. We were strongly leaning toward Gianna, but what really sealed it was when my niece took an interest in the name. She had a difficult pregnancy prior to us conceiving and she ended up having a boy. During the pregnancy though, I introduced her to St. Gianna and she fell in love. In so many words she told us she'd "take" the name Gianna if we didn't have a girl and take it. That just added fuel to my pick for Gianna as a name. Thankfully, we had a girl and snatched it up before she could. lol. Those are very sweet little Martin names.

    Hope you all surviving the winter storm heading your way. It looks like we may be getting a 6-8 inch snow right about when we are suppose to have a certain little bday party :( We'll see what we'll have to do. May need to reschedule.

    Hopping over to check out Sarah. Clearly, she's gotta be awesome since she has a cool name and she's friends with you!!

  5. The pedicures look awesome but why does it look like you guys are in a school hallway or something? What kind of place is this?? I'm laughing at your preplanning for the pre-existent baby :) I used to like the name Emily but it got a little crazy popular. It may have calmed down a bit by now, though. Still a very cute name!

    And February? You don't homeschool :) I swear my kids are going to break through these walls one of these loooooong cranky afternoons...

  6. I love Eamon's portrait!

    We talk about baby names all the time!! You and I have very similar taste in names because our top girl's name is Emmeline Therese right now, and Theodore is one of the top baby boy names! I keep saying we're going to have to have lots of babies because I want to use all the names on our list haha! :) Have a great weekend, Colleen!

  7. I've been thinking of booking a pedicure, too- I figure it's about the most comfortable way for trying to start labor! :)

    Enjoy your morning out/day off today!

    And your links just prove what I think Cari once said- blogging gets you pregnant.

  8. I would be interested in the rosary! We do the same kinda thing at my kid's school with a Mary statue. I am always worried the kids will break her. Well, they did once (she's glued back together though) and then they lost her but thats another story but as long as its a STURDY rosary that can take a few bangs LOL. No seriously, I will make sure that it is respected.
    Love the names...especially Emily. I want another baby but I don't know if its in the cards. I am always picking names but then I change them and pick new ones and change them etc...but I do know that if there is a next time I do not want to know the gender for once.

  9. Yes to a traveling rosary! And you seem like a great friend to have around at the end of pregnancy. :)

  10. I think the traveling rosary is a great idea, but I decline for now...I just am afraid of goofing it up, I'm not that prompt now and crazy busy with just life....but I know someday I'd love to do it!

    I thought it was weird that the woman of the house was calling the shots too, for back in that time...but your hubby is right...we women, we have lots of power don't we?

    SO nice of you to take Marijanna out!! Can't wait to hear the news--you will let us know won't you?

    I love February too--not for the winter part, but for the short part, Valentine's day is almost here and then it's over. (pretty quick) Then March comes and April and finally in Minnesota Spring comes in MAY!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  11. I LOVE the name Emily! In fact, I've been thinking of that name often (no I'm not preggo!) but we've basically already picked out our girls name since we've only had boys so far!

    Oh, and this is TOTALLY off topic, but I had a dream last night that we met. You had a very thick New York accent and your arms were totally ripped! We were going to take a tour of a replica of the Titanic. I have the weirdest dreams.... lol.

  12. i am loving that family picture so much! you do have a wonderful family! thanks for the link to my blog! i loved your comment yesterday, you must have missed my first announcement. enjoy your morning with your hubby and baby today!

  13. Happy Friday, Colleen! Pardon me while I continue to scroll up and down here because I love this post so much! Can't wait to head over and visit your friend's new blog! Thanks for sharing your real life friends with losers like me who actually have no real life friends except one who lives 3 hours away...And speaking of fun to take yours to get a pedi! Love the Valentine color too.

    Your son's Valentine is precious! I miss those sweet crafts from I get Algebra and Geometry homework, which is perfect for me, an English Lit major and former Elementary teacher who maxed out at 2nd grade subtraction.

    The Traveling Rosary? Yes, yes, yes! Please. When I was young, we had a Traveling Statue of Our Lady of Fatima. We had it in our home for a week at a time and prayed the rosary as a family each night. I loved it.

    Baby names...oh, one of my favorite things. After 4 C sections and at the ripe old age of 43, I fear I may not have a need for one again, but just in case, I never stop thinking... and thinking...and thinking...

    And when exactly might a certain someone's February birthday be? : )

    Enjoy the storm, friend!

  14. Love the names! I most certainly would be in for the traveling rosary! :)

  15. Travelling rosary is a great idea!! Fun!!

    Love planning the baby names . . . I keep thinking about names, but never get attached to any as if we do adopt, we would try to keep the name as close to his/her current name as possible.

    And you never know . . . 9 months from now you may need a name . . . with a blizzard heading your way and Valentine's day . . .

  16. 1. You're a sweet friend, but oh boy, would I be nervous to be Marijanna and overdue in the middle of a huge blizzard!
    2. Sign me up for traveling rosary!
    3. I'm jealous that you name-plan between pregnancies! Dave REFUSES to discuss potential baby names until a potential baby is a real baby. So annoying.
    4. Ditto about February. Isn't it so wonderful to have the shortest month of the year right smack in the middle of winter? That's downright compassionate.

  17. LOVE those names, when I was a daydreaming girl in highschool, Emily and Teddy were tops on my list of future baby names- still love them!
    traveling rosary sounds like a really cool idea!

  18. Hi Colleen,
    I would be interested in a traveling rosary.

  19. Cool idea with the rosary.
    Ok, you can use Therese as a middle name but if it comes down to it I'd have to fight you for it for the first name. How confusing to have 2 SIL's with the same name. ya know??

  20. Love the rosary idea...count me in! Baby names are the best...Caroline Elizabeth if we should have another girl (I'm 43.6...probably not) and should we have a boy...Henry Thomas. Happy Blizzard, Colleen! Stay warm!

  21. I'm in for traveling rosary, fun idea. You could send a book with it and each family could do a page or 2 with their prayer requests and pictures. :)

  22. That really is so smart to take your own polish. You are a sweet friend. :)
    That family portrait is so precious!

  23. Thanks so much for the shout out! It means a lot coming from an advanced blogger! But now we are BLOG friends too, not just REAL friends. haha.
    Ok Eamon is such an artist! I will have to pass it on to KSahm!
    I love the rosary idea and the names you "stook?" We love Amelia, which I think comes from Emily... but I love the short names you can use like Em, Emmi, Lyly...
    AND ahhh getting your nails done! The BEST! Can't wait to hear about Marianna's little girl that hopefully gets here soon!


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