Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finding Nemo

The snow started Friday morning around 9 am.  
 It was going to be a "blister" as Maggie called it and it even got a name....Nemo.

Phil and I did not have to go to work on Friday and after Mass (such great readings) and a super hard interval running workout at the gym, we treated ourselves and Alexander to brunch at a local restaurant.
The waitress kept asking if he wanted his own plate.  Ummmm, not unless she wanted back a broken plate.

Xander casts the deciding vote and Mom's stuffed french toast was the winner.

Then we waited to pick up the kids from their half day of school.  It was 11:30 and the snow was starting to stick.

Woot woot, it's a half day!

Woot woot it's a blister!

 We went home and ate lunch and had nap/rest time.
The book I'm reading (suggested by Jen Fulwiler) and Evie taking a cat nap.

 I helped Eamon with his 100 day project that is due on Monday.  
100 days of Kindergarten deserves a celebration, right?
IKEA pillow on the couch

Ten groups of ten animal stickers - this is the extent of my artistic abilities

Phil made a cozy fire and baked some cookies for our afternoon snack.
Why are you lighting the paper on the log?
Because that's how you make a fake fire, kids.

Xander photobomb!!

Instant atmosphere

Entertaining both day....

....and night!

 Lots of inside play time:
"Uh-oh, Xander?"

"Here he is!"
 These perler beads are the best quiet-time-play-things I ever bought.  They have used these for so many years and created tons of little projects.  You just place the beads to make a boy/star/heart/etc. and then iron them to melt it together.
Creating super secret Valentine gifts for Mom and Dad

Maggie spends ALL of quiet time perfecting her latest skill - reading!!!

And now it's time to find Nemo:

Look away Nemo, I'm about to eat your friends.....

Hope you are all staying safe and snow free!!


  1. Geez, your kids are cute! Xander touching the glass part of the fireplace freaks me out lol. But I do have a fire fear! Did the kids play in the snow, or is it old news to them?

  2. "Why are you lighting the paper on the log?" I laughed out loud at this one.
    How much did you guys end up getting?

  3. Glad that you are all doing well and keeping warm by the fire, in the middle of the 'blister'. Been thinking of you guys and sending a prayer.
    Stay toasty!

  4. Jealous! Would love some snow her in the Heartland...blister and all! :)

  5. Ok, I kind of want to spend the next winter storm at your house, between the fire, the stuffed french toast and the beads, I'm sold. The only thing I might add is a wheel of brie and a glass of wine.

  6. it's coming our way, we are supposed to get 9-15 inches by tomorrow night!

    We went to Mass tonite, everyone else did too...and the stores were packed, people getting stocked up!!

    Fun post!!!

  7. I've been reading The Perfect Health Diet too and following it. I really like's very do-able for our family and I have been losing weight and haven't really had any food cravings lately.

  8. I love your day! And are those the iron on beads? Because we love them here...except I am a fail at them...I always bump them before I can iron them...give me a pile of wrinkled clothes and I can ace those, but little tiny colored beads...not so much...

    Do you take reservations? Because I am calling before the next blizzard... : )

  9. The readings on Friday led to two noteworthy homilies here at Franciscan. Noon about how great this school is to the Scanlen scholars and 445 was a rant about boy girl relationships at Franciscan.

  10. Hope you guys are hanging in there! Your kids are adorable as usual...:)

  11. Cute pics! It looks like you guys had a fun day! The snow is so pretty!! Glad you stayed safe and warm. :)

  12. I love all these pics! And the Ikea pillow is one I've wanted for a couple of years now haha...
    The kids are just too cute! I miss the house - it's always so cozy, just like it looks in the pics!


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